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  1. ColinOd

    Chinese X-Ranger 200

    Looks decent, but a big step down, with the rear drum. Almost all chia bikes are moving/have moved on the rear disc brakes.
  2. Yeah but they have better looking bikes. Good thing I have to get a job next year when I'm 16 so they will have a better looking bike here
  3. ColinOd


    Im 5'6" weighing 127 Bench 170 Squat 280 Never cleaned before
  4. ColinOd

    Was it better WITH the ChinaBikes???

    Don't dismiss Hyosung as knock off junk. Suzuki sources their parts from Hyosung (korean made) and Hyosung motorcycles are of comparable quality to suzuki, and every other japanese bike.
  5. ColinOd

    Was it better WITH the ChinaBikes???

    in 20 feet it probably won't have the same amount of acceleration as a 350 will.
  6. Now that "doesn't" looking lame!
  7. ColinOd

    Need BICYCLE help.

    Also before this happened, theere was a perfect split on top of the plastic chain tensioner gear, which kept derailing the chain. Can anyone recommend a low priced derailluer for me with metal tensioner gears?
  8. ColinOd

    Need BICYCLE help.

    Oh sorry, the shimano sora is the derailleur, and the ultegra came STOCK on my bike. It fell apart on the road because when I was younger I neglected to check for tightened bolts. My sister lost the parts on the road to the ultegra, which coincidentally, was the last time I let her ride my bike. The shimano sora only cost me 25 dollar.
  9. ColinOd

    Need BICYCLE help.

    Hi, I have a Cannondale M300se about from 1998? The bike is great for trails and for some reason the aluminum frame offers more comfort than the average chinese steel bike. The problem I have with it is that I just bought a shimano sora gear shifter, the first thing that FUMED me was that the chain tensioner gears (2 is standard I guess) are PLASTIC! The stock ultegras were metal! And next what set me off it that it started falling out! Then I proceeded to screw it back on, so I went for a short commute to kroger, to do that I cut through the small wooded area behind my house (fun but short ride), then a stick must have got lodged and wedged the derailluer out. Then I brought it back to tighten it on really tight. Then to my dismay it stripped the derailleur mount! How can I get this fixed?
  10. ColinOd

    Do you all crack as much as me?

    My shoulder pops a few times each day, I voluntarily crack my knuckles, some mornings my jaw pops so much that it hurts. Well, I also slashed my thumb on a headlight(broken) so I think I cut something, now it pops when i bend the joint (mid thumb joint)
  11. ColinOd

    Do you all crack as much as me?

    My shoulder pops a few times each day, I voluntarily crack my knuckles, some mornings my jaw pops so much that it hurts.
  12. ColinOd

    Benching the benchpress?

    I can do that many, a 7:30 mile, 120 LBS 5'5"(short) 245 squat 155 bench (It is probably 160 now, at the least.) 15 y/o Never done a clean in my life. Waiting for a chance to do a 40 run.
  13. ColinOd

    Yamoto 200cc chinese bike from day-one

    I love those thicker forks on that roketa.
  14. I think you can buy a keyed ignition and somehow mount it and hook it up an replace the switch with it. And I think a disc lock will only mount to your disc, and not interfere with the spokes.
  15. ColinOd

    Lifan LF200GY-5 Dual Sport Fact's & Fiction

    So which is better OHV or OHC