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  1. Working on it tomorrow? Need my bike to compare?
  2. The last thing to check on the Stator Assy is the pick-up coil and the signal coil, described on page 7-22 of the shop manual. It's the pick-up coil (2 wires running off it: blue & green). The signal coil is embedded in the stator. I can't really describe it, but it's inside there (not outside the cover). Also, I'll email you a photo of how I mounted mine.
  3. One thing I recall when my generator failed, is that I still got spark until the battery was drained. That's kind of how I figured out I was having a problem... If the battery is charged and you disconnect the stator and it still doesn't spark... well it's not the stator... let me check on those other coils...
  4. I was hoping you'd say I could "un-pinch" them... but I been thinking if there has only ever been one axle PN for DRZs, then I'll have to do what you suggest. Thanks.
  5. Do a search on "dulzura" and you'll find a few threads on it.
  6. I have a DRZ400S (K2). I damaged a fork tube and picked up a set of alleged DRZ400E (K1) forks for cheaper than I could replace the tube. The front axle fits to tight to knock out on the trail. It only comes out with the influence of a hammer. From the parts fiche on the axle should be the same PN for both of these bikes: 54711-29F00 AXLE, FRONT I thought maybe the replacement forks were damaged, but both side do it. Were they pinched too much at one point perhaps? I'd like to resolve this in case I have to to a trail repair.
  7. Cool. I'll keep that on the list. ===== I have to replace a Fork Inner Tube and decided to pick up a set of used DRZ400E (01 or 03) forks. From posts I've read they are the same, but they have some different part numbers assoicated with the Fork Assy and Outer Tubes (bottom). I hope they are a drop in replacement. Either way the Fork Inner Tubes are the same and that is the part I need to replace. It would just be easier and less expensive if I could swap out and use the E's since they are set up already for a 200+ lb rider.
  8. Fork still leaking. Ordered some .48 springs from Race Tech and a Moose seal/dust kit.
  9. Thanks. I just smoothed out the surface and turned the fork tube about 1/4 turn just to get the former burred area away from were I believe the leak started. I'll have to give it a spirited ride in the morning and see if it is still leaking.
  10. Well I did the a long desert ride last weekend (Anza-Borrego CA). Lots of whoops. I went short on a fair number of whoops towards the end of the day... and long story short I noticed some leaking on one fork when the first day was over. I tried to clean it out with some film, but the seal is gone. Besides putting in some stiffer springs and some new oil, the seals need replacement. But I noticed also a little rock nick on the tube a few inches above where the seal failed. As long as the the tube is not dented, can it be deburred and buffed out? Or will this fork need a new tube?
  11. Me too. If both wheels are off the ground at the same time I give myself a point...
  12. Thanks. That's about right. It's stock as far as I can tell. I just wanted to know if my settings were typical (or harmful) for someone my size trying to get by with the stock gear. I don't push it too hard because I am still learning. Once it becomes a serious factor I'll have to decide on whether to part out this 02, and start fresh on a newer bike and upgrade the suspension, or put the money into the 02. Thanks. I wanted to check with the DRZ folks first. I'll definitely keep looking over in Suspension and possibly post there when I get more specific questions. There was a great guide someone posted there on tuning the suspension based on behavior of the bike in different terrain/turns. I've printed it out to reference this weekend. Great stuff!
  13. What do you mean? The guy says he had a plate... You're right though. SDAR is a dual-sport club. But people meet up and ride their smokers in the desert too.
  14. San Diego Adventure Riders Check out a few rides. Find some compatable riding buddies. Explore the county.
  15. Checked out Basic adjustments for Suzuki DR-Z400E & S and set out to check out where my settings were. I raised the preload on my shock to get my race sag to 90 mm (was almost 140 mm). I wasn't in full gear, but since the spring adjustment is close to max, I thought it would at least be an improvement. The only other adjustments I have done to this bike since owning it was stiffening the fork rebound to 3 clicks out (which seemed to help the front at the time). The other settings are as follows: Model: DR-Z400S (02) Rider/Gear (Minimum) Weight: 210 Front: Race Sag: 60 mm Rebound: 3 clicks CCW Compression: 4 clicks CCW Rear: Race Sag: 90 cm Low Speed Comp: 7 clicks CCW High Speed Comp: 1.5 turns CCW Rebound: 4 clicks CCW ===== I typically ride a moderate pace. I ride a variety of surfaces including highway, graded dirt, double & single track, desert washes and woops when I can't avoid them. I haven't ridden the bike since I stiffened the shock preload (just did that last night), but it would use the full travel on rare occasion before. Now that I have gotten the sag tightened up, should I make some changes to the adjustments to the shock? The bike was used, so I do not know what fork springs or oil is installed. Does the sag and my weight give any clue to what I am running in the front? Any other recommendations of what to try and in what direction I should experiment? Changing springs and oil in the forks is not something I can do for at least a month. I just want to make the most of what I have and avoid any unsafe settings for now. Thanks.