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  1. Nos_350x

    Thunder Alley Exhaust Bob Murry????

    I went and visited Bob today. Hes working on several projects for me and my frineds. If anyone wants to get directly in contact with him i will help you out. From the sounds of things him working along wiht the Mohard, or the muffler shop, whatever was going on there Wasnt working for eather side. I know 2 good customers of Bobs that wernt happy with some things that happend during the short run in the Mohard shop. He is now off on his own doing the same ole thing just a diffrent location.
  2. Nos_350x

    250f only runs with choke on

    I had this exact same thing happen. Ive gone through the carb 4 times now. new jets, new needle, Going nuts over this, The bike ran perfectly before. Im going to thow in my spare air.fuel screw again. Went from a 42 pilot to a 62 to get it cool enough to run safely going to ride it this weekend, and keep checking sutff.
  3. Nos_350x

    Have you ever had to abandon your bike?

    I have taken bikes left in the forest or dunes 4 times. Every time tho i have taken them straight to the local ranger, or what ever patrols that area. Probably giving some poor guy a heart attack, but i just cant watch a bike sit un protected in the forest waiting for someone thats not as nice as me to ride by.
  4. Nos_350x

    Shuteye Peak

    Ill be runnin around there. There is still alot of snow at the top of the peak, you can barely get to the "shuteye singletrack" trail.
  5. I am planning on getting a few people together to review the Maps In the shuteye/whisky area, and Miami trails area. I want to review every trail in those areas, all the alternatives and the season of use. To determine A list of trails of the most trails, and longest season of use for each trail. Im not trying to make this sime big spectical, Just a few people getting together and trying to make the best of a bad situation. If you have some knowledge in these areas or have already reviewed these maps please Help me out, I am planning on doing so on Friday night (around 6) the 22 Getting several computers together. I'm going to do this in my shop in Selma If you would be interested i will give you my address. I am hopeing to get a list of the exact trail numbers and alternatives to give us the most area to ride. Nick Lalanne 333 Racing
  6. Clovis meeting tomarow. Anyone going?? Im taking my maps, and asking why1/2 the trails arnt on the maps. The map i have from the wisky area are from the guy that was hiered to map it out for this project and none of the trails are on it.
  7. The fact is this is going to happen There is absoutly nothing we can do about it. Getting mad at the FS is only going to make them dislike us more. The reactions at the oakhurst meeting (from my understanding it got out of hand) isnt going to get us anywhere. We have to belive what they say now, If they dont listen create an orgizination such as the Friends of Oceano/ Friends of Jawbone, that can sue to make them do what they should. Honestly I feel they dont have the manpower to enforce anything, And we wont see ANY changes for the next 5 years.
  8. Well this maping must be done. That is not our choice, but the FS must do it. Its not like we will be loosing every trail out there. Not like what the paper makes it out to be, They can take diffrent parts of each map if they choose. I personally am going to go through the trails i typically ride and make shure i make comment to them that the trail number of that would remain open and for the logest period of time. Yes i have some worries, We are going to loose some trails no question. But there is no set in stone map they are using. They can pick and choose.
  9. I just got home from the visalia meeting. I didnt read the replys here. I will say the meetings are EXTREMELY informative. I dont think its nearly as bad as some are making it out to be. Just go to the next meetings with your questions ready. I will be attending the Clovis meeting once i review the maps more thouroughly. If you dont go you dont have any room to complain. Inform yourself before you jump to conclusions.
  10. Nos_350x

    Fresno/Clovis July 08

    Im new here. In the last 4 weeks 3 of them i went up centeral camp shuteye. Last weekend i rode here at my house. Just over a month ago i was at Miami. Miami has gotten boring to me, Everything is 5 feet wide and i could take a rino through it. I ride quads but i hate wide trails.
  11. Nos_350x

    Several 01 wr250f questions

    I have never liked trimmed seats. Maby just a bit wont be bad. Im going to see what i can do, I might do a lowering link, but they seem pricy for what you get. I would rather get the shocks rebuilt. Or purchase YZ forks to lower it in the front. Setting the suspension is where i need to start. I had hand guards on the bike, Took them off. I ride my track most the time. dont really need them When i do go to the mountains it dosnet bother me.
  12. Nos_350x

    Several 01 wr250f questions

    Well i have a auto decomp cam on the way, picked up off ebay last night. Also got a Yz tank, seat and shrouds comming, won that tonight. The Height is the next issue i want to address. Then the weight. im going to do the lights and take off the useless things like the waterbottle in the back. The subframe is a good idea didnt think about that one.
  13. Ok finding definate answers are hard, Even with the search. Here are a few of my questions Here is my wr250f, next to a frinds 03 yz. I ride the yz and feel so comftorable. The wr not so. I think the height is some to do with it, can i easely lower it? Im getting yz tank, seat and shoruds, this should help with the egros so i like it more (hopefuly. Are the yz 250f 400 and 426 the only tanks useable with the 01 wr. The weigh i dont think is an issue, BUT what are the easy ways to lighten it up? besides removing lights?? Im also getting the newer exhaust cam.