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    How to lighten my RMZ450

    I have also some experience about "tuning" mountain bikes and road bicycles and from that experience I consider that excess weight is a bad thing for handling. I found that there is one way to remove approx. 3 pounds of rotating and "unspringed" mass from Your bike: buy a pair of tubliss "tubes". This will cost You about $200. It's a lot cheaper than buying ultralight wheel sets and probably can be noticed on the track also. With mountain bike experience You will certainly appreciate the weight reduction of rotating mass in wheels. I just installed one on my rear wheel and will certainly get one for the front also. My rear tube weighed a little over 3 pounds with the rim lock (which will be removed because tubliss has one built-in). Tubliss weighs 1.3 pounds so the weight saving was 1.7 pounds in my rear wheel. I also hate steel rear sprockets and won't put one on my bike because they weigh too much. Check that Your bike don't have one.