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  1. is that ur bike b4 the crash on ur avatar??
  2. amen brother!
  3. yer looks abit weird with the frame , but its got all the trick bits though ay
  4. hey all yesterday i was riding my 125cc dhz dirt bike and after riding of and on for a while i stopped the bike took it into town for a ride , came back and found i coudnt start the thing . i checked the sparkplug and it was covered in carbon so it fouled so i cleaned it and put it back in and it fired up right away . why is this continually happening and how can i fix it ? any help is appreciated
  5. yer i've heard of the '07 motovert sounds pretty good
  6. junkman how much did ur moto cost ??
  7. hey guys new to thumpertalk , just wanted to no ur thoughts on these two motos as i am planning on racing competively,so they need to be strong reliable etc .. anyone here own one , probs etc ? heres some links provert thumpstar pro
  8. how do you install a rim lock ??