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  1. motobro

    snapped frame!

    is that ur bike b4 the crash on ur avatar??
  2. motobro

    When pitbikes are pitbikes no more...

    amen brother!
  3. motobro

    06' thumpstar 125 pro or provert 125

    yer looks abit weird with the frame , but its got all the trick bits though ay
  4. motobro

    sparkplug blues....

    hey all yesterday i was riding my 125cc dhz dirt bike and after riding of and on for a while i stopped the bike took it into town for a ride , came back and found i coudnt start the thing . i checked the sparkplug and it was covered in carbon so it fouled so i cleaned it and put it back in and it fired up right away . why is this continually happening and how can i fix it ? any help is appreciated
  5. motobro

    06' thumpstar 125 pro or provert 125

    yer i've heard of the '07 motovert sounds pretty good
  6. motobro

    post pics of your ssr bikes

    junkman how much did ur moto cost ??
  7. hey guys new to thumpertalk , just wanted to no ur thoughts on these two motos as i am planning on racing competively,so they need to be strong reliable etc .. anyone here own one , probs etc ? heres some links provert http://www.mojomotorcycles.com.au/view_product.php?id=pro&PHPSESSID=41b066957a417d747e42b4bad20ea465 thumpstar pro http://www.thumpstar.com.au/thumpstar_pro/index.html
  8. motobro

    rim lock?

    how do you install a rim lock ??