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  1. rmfisher18

    Home made Fly wheel puller

    I have a small 3 leg puller, screw the nut on the crank shaft until it is fully on the threads, fit a semi deep 3/8" drv socket over the nut so that the bolt of the puller presses on the socket not the crank shaft..... flywheel should come off easy... The puller cost £20 GBP and I have used it on loads of different bikes..... You dont always need the 'special tool' if you use some common sense!
  2. rmfisher18

    Cam timing on 2001 YZ 426

    Just want the power delivery to be a bit more smooth. I have ridden a few WR's and the power seems much more usable for the type of riding I do. Thanks for the help......
  3. Hi there, I have a YZF 426 that I mainly use on trials rather than motocross. I want to get more low down power from it like a WR. I have fitted a WR flywheel and I have heard that the YZ has different exhaust cam timing to the WR by 1 tooth. Does anyone know which way to adjust the exhaust cam and what effect will this have? Will the stock YZ carb jetting be ok with the cam timing change or will it have to be modded? Many Thanks Rob