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  1. NickET

    Tires tires tires. . .

    Okay so what would you recommend for a front tire . . .rear tire . . .. I do not need a matching set at all . . ..
  2. NickET

    Tires tires tires. . .

    Tires tires tires. . . Ok I know this has been covered. . .BUT guys (gals) I need some new rubber and I am not sure what the best way to go is? I do an even 50/50 on road off road ride style. I ride in NYC and I ride some bumpy back woods & trails hard too. I am looking at the Pirelli Scorpion Pro’s but I would love to hear what tires you have and what you love/hate about them? Thanks all and PEACE! –N.
  3. NickET

    DRZ 400S Clutch Trouble. . . .

    mine is a 2002 w 5k miles on it. you are saying this is normal?!? no way.
  4. NickET

    DRZ 400S Clutch Trouble. . . .

    oil & filter are new as that is the first thing i thought. i did look at the clutch free play at the hand & lever should i look below as well?
  5. So here’s the deal. . . I am having a hard time finding neutral after the bike warms up when standing still. On the road she switches gears no problem but once I pull in the clutch at a red light and try to either up or down shift from 1st or 2nd into neutral she won’t go without a fight? Any suggestions? I can give more details if need be Thanks & Peace –N.
  6. NickET

    thomaston dam in ct

    bringin back the thread from the dead. how's everyone doing? who's been to the damn? ME! goin up this weekend too. --N.
  7. NickET

    Busted Spokes

    so you can ride on a rim with broken spokes?
  8. i broke a few spokes on my rear rim (2001 DRZ 400) this is a first for me in all the years i am riding so i am wondering what is involved? is this a do it yourself or do i need to bring it in? any help is most apppriciated. thanks --Nick
  9. NickET

    Broken Spokes

    okay so, what is involved in changing a spoke or several in this case? and again thanks guys. --Nick
  10. NickET

    Broken Spokes

    Hey All! I busted a few spokes on my rear rim on my 2001 DRZ 400. . . any suggestions? do i need to replace the whole rim? first time this happen to me after riding for YEARS so any help is appriciated! --Nick
  11. NickET

    thomaston dam

    i'm up there memorial day weekend. (if it's open) will come back w a full report!
  12. NickET

    best engine oil

    yous guys are by far the most anal oil changing mofo's around. i use any barnd of dino so long as it's 10w-40 SE/SF rated. change the oil & filter every 2000-3000 miles. never had a prob and i ride ALL my bikes HARD. do not go for the designer stuff it's all commin from the same place any-who. my 2¢. --N.
  13. NickET

    thomaston dam in ct

    To anyone commenting on my "ride safe" posting who does not have actually kids under 10 years old riding the dam. . . best not talk about anything you know zero about. Makes you look foolish. Second, I did not attack anyone on this forum, never have. Do not flame me as it’s in poor taste. And telephone tough guys are usually the first to run when faced with a real situation. Third as I constantly look out for my own two boys who ride the dam I also look out for young riders on the trails I do not know and request to the more aggressive riders to take it easy as your vision is often limited due to trees and other obstacles. Again this is a great place. Let’s not lose it.
  14. NickET

    Best way to clean chain

    WD-40 & then lube that baby up. takes seconds.
  15. NickET

    Seized Engine on DRZ400S

    the DR-Z is a sweet bike to pick apart. pull the head and go from there. out of sheer bordom i disected mine. . . .