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  1. jfhadley

    Builing a bike and need some parts...

    Thanks Skinny and Velociraptor. I'll stay clear. Peace out. I was just trying to help out a fellow rider. Shame that this is a part of the online world. Thanks Seriously, Joel
  2. jfhadley

    Builing a bike and need some parts...

    I just joined Thumpertalk, so I hope your directing your comment to the originator of this thread and not me. (jfhadley) Thanks. Joel
  3. jfhadley

    Builing a bike and need some parts...

    I have 2 parts that you might want: 2004 CRF70 Stock Swingarm w/new chain tension adjusters(lollipops) Stock Pipe Various parts from the auto clutch when we did a manual clutch upgrade. Let me know if interested. Thanks, Joel
  4. jfhadley

    Aftermarket CRF70 Frame?

    CrazyJohnny125, The tb 88cc kit and manual clutch kit made a world of difference. I love both. Our first mod to the stock crf70 was to put an FMF powercore4 exhaust on it. About $149.00 off of ebay. Made it sound like a big thumper. Then I went with the tb 88cc and manual clutch kit. This bike started out as my 10 yr olds bike. He wanted a kx85, so I took over the mini. Now I really enjoy it better than riding bigger bikes. Wheelies are a snap, especially with the manual clutch. I spend alot of my time trying to practice wheelies while my 10 yr olds out burning up the track. tb 88cc kit is $249.00 heres the link. http://www.hondatrailbikes.com/catalog/product_info.php?cPath=26&products_id=284 manual clutch kit is $165 here's the link. http://www.hondatrailbikes.com/catalog/product_info.php?cPath=26&products_id=346 Thanks for the reply, Joel
  5. jfhadley

    Aftermarket CRF70 Frame?

    I have stock forks with stiffer HD springs from powersports. They are rough though. I put 5wt oil in them to soften them up a bit. Thanks for the reply. Any help you could give would be great! I'll check that website out. let me know if you have any other tips. I've got a manual clutch kit, tb 88cc kit, pro taper bar kit (minus triple tree), tall seat from reegmx.com, bbr gas cap, extended shifter. Do you know if I go with a longer swingarm, will I need to get a different rear brake connecting rod and longer chain? Thanks!
  6. jfhadley

    Aftermarket CRF70 Frame?

    Wydopen, Any ideas on a good aftermarket swingarm/shock combination for a 2004 crf70 (88cc)? I'm about 160 with gear (soaking wet). Thanks, Joel
  7. jfhadley

    crf70 swingarm

    I do. It's in great shape and has been painted gold (bronze) like bbr. What do you offer? Would $50 plus shipping be too much for you? Thanks, Joel
  8. jfhadley

    Aftermarket CRF70 Frame?

    Chad, I haven't seen any 70 frames except from reegmx.com as well. Do you know which aftermarket swing arms would fit the stock crf70 frame? If so, what do you do about the rear brake since it's got the long connecting rod. Found out today from Elka Suspension that the shock they advertise for the 50 won't work on the 70. Does anyone know different? I'd like to soften my ride a little with a nice shock and get a nice aftermarket swingarm. Anyone have any ideas here? Since you have a 70, I thought you might be able to give me some pointers. Thanks! PS. A guy named Nick at powersportstore is very helpful with minis. 1-877-476-9376 No, I'm not on commission from them at all, but have bought plenty of nice parts for my mini from them. Check them out or call them. Those guys rock and will send you a nice catalog too. Thanks, Joel