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  1. LeftThumb

    ever changing set up on 2010-12?

    I had the 06 and I have a 10. The 10 has full Enzo suspension on it. I would agree that the 06 is less sensitive to track changes. The 10 is great but I do feel it is more sensitive to setup (especially front effecting back and vice versa). That said the stock setup on the 10 is really superb. It's only when I did the revalve and tried to eek out the most of it that I started to notice how sensitive it was. If you use the stock suspension I don't think you'll have much adjustment except if you're a fast intermediate or pro. Anyway, just my opinion on a highly subjective topic .
  2. LeftThumb

    Will 07 RMZ250 Suspension fit on 2011

    Anyone know if the suspension from an 07 RMZ250 will fit the 2011 RMZ250? I have an RG3 Diamond that I want to move over.
  3. LeftThumb

    tld shock dr. armor

    i have the 7850 and these pictures don't really look like the product. It's quite breathable compared to other body armor. Good stuff.
  4. LeftThumb

    2009 KX250f Piston Replacement Hours

    Wondering does anyone have a good idea on hours before replacing the piston on this bike? It has about 30hours on it. I'd read in a few mag's that they recommended replacing at 25hours.
  5. LeftThumb

    OTD Prices on 2010 RMZ-450

    Anybody have any OTD prices for the 010 RMZ450? In California and there don't seem to be any good deals. If I can't find anything good, I'll probably go with a 010 YZ450F since the prices are pretty decent. Who would've thought the YZ would be cheaper..
  6. LeftThumb

    Leaking Gas cap

    yes, there's a recall. Go into your dealer with your old cap and your VIN and they should be able to give you a new one.
  7. Please look at Dirt Rider magazine's dirt helmet safety test. A Vemar (ECE only) european helmet won. The DOT only 90$ HJC CS-MX did very well also. TLD's helmets which are snell did decently but not as well. There are a lot of companies who didn't identify themselves but it's pretty apparent price didn't really matter as far as safety. I have two Arai VX's and it's obvious the quality is far superior to anything other than a Shoei. Just pickup and look at an Arai versus a Shift. It's obvious it's not just marketing. However, I don't wear my Arai's anymore because the tests i've seen (motorcyclist, dirt rider) show that snell 2005 helmets are too stiff even for street riding let alone dirt. That could all change with snell 2010.
  8. LeftThumb

    Hit-Air Airbag Body Suit

    I ride mx in Socal with the Hit Air MLV version. It deploys in .15sec. Thankfully I haven't deployed it yet and it really is only for big crashes to me. If you just slip out or fall over it shouldn't deploy since it has a bit of slack. It'll really only deploy in big crashes for example Villopoto's SX crash where you are separated from the bike. It's not going to always cover you because obviously there are some big crashes where you don't separate from the bike, but I believe it's the only actual protection from flexion style spinal injuries since it stiffens your whole torso when inflated. I have had a serious spinal injury in the past and have to do all I can to protect myself.
  9. Anyone know of 1 1/8 bar mounts that are offset forward over 10mm, hopefully 20mm. I don't want to replace my triples (pro circuit) so please no recommendations for buying triples. I'm just talking about the normal mounting system also, not RG3 or something proprietary. Thanks!
  10. LeftThumb

    Scratched Fork.. will it leak?

    Thanks guys. I removed the dust seal sprayed some contact cleaner and ran a tear-off all the way around. It picked up a little sand then patched it up and hit the track and seems fine. No leaks at all. Hopefully it'll stay that way since the track was not rough at all.
  11. Hi guys, I just got my suspension worked on by RG3 and I did a little play riding and now I see 3 light scratches on one fork. They are not deep and you can barely feel them with a finger nail. They are also not leaking right now, and I've tried cleaning around the dust seal. I'm going to do the tear off trick but I'm worried if I should just bring them back in before anymore damage is done. Any advice would be appreciated.
  12. LeftThumb

    Body Armor?

    Looks like a power ranger and a New York ranger got mixed up. Good one. In regards to the Leatt, they indeed recommend using the rear (thoracic) member underneath a back protector. I feel quite comfortable using it over with the T-Pro since it is soft armor but I do admit wondering about its use on the hard shell BP's. Now if you don't wear a jersey this is a non-issue because you can slip the Leatt inside. If you do wear a jersey and it has a small collar, the Leatt's not going to fit inside and even if it does it's going to tend to ride up because the jersey will want to squeeze it up, so for now I compromise and wear my Leatt completely outside with the T-Pro. For sure we should ask Leatt what the real reasons for the instructions are. With Dainese's BP it does hang a lot lower so there is room to slip it in especially with the Commander because there is no mesh. This is the setup my friend uses and it just barely fits inside a Shift Squadron jersey but it does tend to ride up more. My hot setup right now is the T-Pro with a Sentinel style roost protector. Sleek, comfortable and stays put (the leatt). Hope this answers any questions.
  13. LeftThumb

    Body Armor?

    hey SpeedRacer, these are my thoughts on the two. First, although the A-star back protector on the Bionic jacket is not CE tested the sold separate A-stars Tech back protector is CE-2 rated and they are of very similar construction. The tech is just a bit wider. So it's pretty safe to conclude it is at least the equal to the Dainese wave which is CE-1. Also the A-stars back covers much higher to the neck than the Dainese wave which always hangs down a bit. The shoulder design of the Dainese has more coverage. The clamshell design is actually quite innovative and covers some of your shoulder blades. Ventilation wise they're both hot. Maybe just maybe the Dainese is a little better. Weight wise again just maybe the Dainese is lighter but if weight and ventilation is an issue the Dainese Commander is a much better choice and is what I use in hot weather. Pair it up with a Dainese kidney belt and you have nearly the same coverage less elbows. Durability has been good with either. The biggest difference between the two is price. Where you can find the bionic for under 200, Dainese typically sells the Wave jackets for over 300 at last check. You could actually buy the A-Stars Tech or Bionic Back (both ce-2) and the Bionic Jacket (unzip the bp) and still be cheaper than the wave. Overall I prefer the A-stars because its mesh is a little less delicate than the Dainese which advises delicate washing and it offers at least as much protection, if not more. Plus its back protector is a bit flatter if you intend to use it with a Leatt which really is very difficult to use per instructions inside the back protector. On a separate note I'm currently testing the T-Pro jacket and Back Protector. So far comfort wise this jacket is great. I'm still considering its protection since it is soft armor. (Despite it being CE-2 rate all around). This for sure is the least bulky armor out there.
  14. LeftThumb

    07 SX-F 450 Pipe

    Gonridin, I'm not really sure who you're talking to. If you're referring to my post, I'm referring to drd and the pc gp pipe which are going to be quite a bit louder than stock. They're both MX pipes but with the quiet insert both should be around 96db. Otherwise you'll be lucky to keep them under 100db.
  15. LeftThumb

    07 SX-F 450 Pipe

    The DRD and PC are good pipes. You can get the quiet core for the DRD and it should be around 96-99. DRD has a new design out as well.