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  1. First! Thanks for watching. Second, the idea of "Howzit Done?" is HOW they work and the real basics of how it happens and how to give it a little control. Is it the best stunt vid ever? Nope, that's not it's design. The Kyle Woods video would be the way to go if you want Stunt the by, his commercial (linked in here somewhere) was SPECTACULAR and the 3D graphics look stunning! Had I the dough--I'd buy it! Be Safe, Crash!
  2. Ever wonder how you "see things out of the corner of your eye"? Here's the deal:
  3. Counterbalancing will help you with tight turns? And more extreme leaning help:
  4. Yeah, people get all freaked out about the MSF "Box of Death"--it ain't that hard if you think it through...
  5. One curve is fun, two can be tricky--here's some help!
  6. Yup. Einstein and the gang were right...
  7. Crowned roads can make left hand turns into a tricky's the scoop! Enjoy!
  8. Leaving Sunday AM. Had a great time, was in stealth mode so I didn't get stupid and hurt myself! Shot video for 2 "60 Second Lessons". I'll be back in the spring though!
  9. Ran with some ThumperTalk guys who passed me going up Page Mill Rd (I was stopped adjusting a camera) and then followed them down Alpine to Pescadero. Honestly? I forgot everybody's names but I'm bad with that...Great looking/sounding Drz400S conversion, a white SM and a Black SM...and the dude on the VStar (?) was hustling pretty good too! Sorry I couldn't stay for lunch but I had to get back down the hill. I went ALL the way down 84 and wound up stuck behind a couple of minivans that wouldn't make was cool though--I got to dice with 2 guys on bicycles! (They were a lot more angry and frustrated than I was!)
  10. That's OK. You'd be surprised how many folks ride only weekends and never leave the road except to pull onto the dealers lot or the gas station. Daily riders know how to take care of themselves in a lot, this ones for the guys who don't usually go there. At the risk of being accused of spamming--we have all sorts of options at We found that the long form "Howzit Done" vids lose viewers about 1/2 through. The 60 Second ones hold the audience better and forces us to focus on primary skills. Thanks for watching!
  11. You made it into the what? More parking tips!
  12. Yeah, parking lots can be dangerous. Here's some basic reminders!
  13. Made 'em all....
  14. Here's help for folks who get stuck on a hill and don't know what to do--quick and practical help: Enjoy