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  1. SUnruh

    Carb rebuild

    carbs are not funny. what's funny is the totally inaccurate info given by those that shouldnt be giving any info! the pump bowl will not change anything in the jetting unless you are actually twisting the throttle fast enough to engage the pump to squirt into the carb throat. mid throttle is controlled by the needle size, taper and its clip position. usually you are 1 clip too rich if it bogs here. move the clip down 1 notch (ie that would be towards the top). the funny part is...thats shown in a picture in the back of your manual.
  2. use any cam between 01 and 13 that you want they all fit
  3. its not like you could simply pull the clutch cover, remove the pressure plate and actually SEE if the ball is there next to the shaft like it should be. no just keep guessing.
  4. SUnruh

    Engine oil

    another completely baseless babble with no knowledge to back it up. i have switched from synth to non and back so many times that i would need 3 other sets of hands to count.
  5. SUnruh

    Engine oil

    um no it does not! the 5w40 weight thins out in short order and i know of several that used it and broke 3rd gear on several different year models.
  6. SUnruh

    2015 YZ250F is STOP SHIP

    so you are upset that yamaha is taking the blame and fixing it for FREE. W O W! had you been on red/yellow/green that would be all on YOU!
  7. SUnruh


    December 5,2014 Dear Yamaha Owner: This notice is sent to you in accordance with the requirements of the Consumer Producl Safety Act. Yamaha Motor Corporation, U.S.A. has decided that a defect which relates to motor vehicle safety exists in cerlain 2015-model YZ2SOFF ('YZ25OF") motorcycles. Our records indicate that you own the affected motorcycle shown above. ln afiected motorcycles, the engine's balancer weight gear and balancer shaft gear were made of material that does not meet design specifications. As a result, the gears could break during operation which would cause the engine to lock up, which could cause a crash with injury or death. To conect this defect, your authorized Yamaha dealer will replace the balancer weight gear and balancer shaft gear new ones of the conect material. The service takes about 2 hours, but be aware that your Yamaha dealer may need to keep your YZ for longer depending upon their cunent service schedule. There will be no charge to you for this procedure. Please call your Yamaha dealer to make a service appointment to have this procedure performed. At that same time, you can find out how long they expect to keep your motorcycle for this service. Remember to take this letter with you when you take in your motorcycle. You should not ride your affected YZ250F motorcycle shown above until this modification is performed. lf you are unable to retum to the Yamaha dealer who sold you the motorcycle, this service will be performed by any authorized Yamaha motorcycle dealer. For the name of a dealer near you, call 1€OG88-YAMAHA or visit the Yamaha web site at unanar.yamahaflotor.com. lf you need help: lf, after contacting youi dealeship, you have questions or concems wfrich the dealership is unable to answer, please _,__writala: Yamaha Motor Corporation, U.S.A. Customer Relations Department P.O. Box 6555 Cypress, CA 90630 Or call: 1{0G962-7926 lf after contacting Yamaha Customer Relations, you are still not satisfied that we have done our best to remedy the situation without charge and within a reasonable time, you may submit a written complaint to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, Washington, D.C. 2O2O74;OO1 or call the CPSC's hotline at 1-800-638-2772. lf you no longer lf you have sold your YZ250F motorcycle to another party, please call us toll-free at 'l-800-962-7926 with the name and own this Yamaha: address of the new owner, along with the serial number shown to the right of your name on the address label above. We're sorry to cause you any inconvenience, but we are sincerely concemed about your safety and continued satisfaction with our products. Thank you for giving your attention to this important matter. Sincerely, Customer Support Group Yamaha Motor Corporation, U.S.A.
  8. SUnruh

    2015 YZ250F is STOP SHIP

    top pick on DirtRider 250f shootout as well then green, red.....
  9. SUnruh

    2015 YZ250F is STOP SHIP

    yes was just told on the phone its certain late '14 and early '15 YZ250F models (by vin) only. not the X and not the new WR.
  10. yes you read that right. yamaha has just told all dealers not to sell any 2015 yz250f's because of a crank and balancer.issue no idea yet if this affects the new X or WR
  11. SUnruh

    Drain Coolant to Check Valves?

    draining the coolant is NOT required
  12. SUnruh

    the all ***new*** YZ250FX

    i stupidly commented on the altitude. i hadnt see the fische on the sensors.
  13. SUnruh

    still no compression in yz250f

    the rings are not seated. take the spark plug out. put 3-5 drops of oil down the hole onto the piston crown then 1 squirt of wd40. and 1 squirt of engine start. plug back in quick. after about 5 cranks it should really stiffen up as that little bit of oil will seal the rings to the cylinder wall. now you can accomplish the same thing with about 50-80 kicks of the lever because that takes the sharpness away from the ring edge but idealy that needs to be done by the running motor not kick start lever.
  14. SUnruh

    Aluminum conversion short list.

    well considering that the 2006 is an aluminum frame, yes on the 03-05 not much direct swap my good buddy texlabo (find his post) converted an 05steel to an 06alum. in the end it took so much of an existing 06 that it became an exercise in wrenching. bazooka yes i think it was the infamous psellers from bangadadangdang (banjo sound) alabama that produced the worlds most expensive roach bike.
  15. SUnruh

    Aluminum conversion short list.

    simple answer -> you need a rolling chassis without a motor, but with EVERYTHING else. not simple answer...the list is longer than your leg.