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  1. Cernics in Johnstown, PA will ship. I'm in VT, and got a 250f shipped for $200 https://www.cernics.com/inventory/2018-yamaha-yz-250x-johnstown-pa-15904-2292262i
  2. The year of the fork brace.
  3. In the crate means you assemble the front wheel, and handlebars, levers, etc. Otherwise, add gas (check the oil, but most factories send the bike more or less ready to run) and you are ready to go. You'd still have to tear the whole bike down to do the maintenance you are suggesting that you would've like to do.
  4. And landing with the wheels up on a bike is the rider's fault!
  5. Thank you. It's not a "Thumper" but my Little Ripper is pretty proud of it, and I am too. Here's a couple more while we wait for the snow to melt!
  6. She's brand new, so not much done except for graphics.
  7. My son's 2011 HMX Racing KTM 65. The graphics are similar to Tommy Searles' 2010 KTM, but in reverse colors. I did the layout myself, and 139Designs.com brought them to reality. They do awesome graphics @ reasonable prices. Every bike is unique. They can use your design, or create a custom design, just for you.
  8. Why is this post in the Off-Road Pictures & Video forum? It should be in the Pro-Racing forum, and then by reading other posts in that forum, you wouldn't have needed to post this question anyway, since the answer was already there.
  9. What did I miss? I thought he pronounced her name correctly? Kudos to him, or his producers, to bring her into the spotlight.
  10. Supercross

    If Windham gets into form quickly, I'd like to see him on the team. The team will need at least 1 experienced MXofN rider (with more experience than Dungy).
  11. Supercross

    Does anyone know where MX race purses are listed? Unlike NASCAR, ALLI doesn't list $ winnings. I'd be interested to see what these guys win in an outdoor MX race.
  12. Supercross

    How about moving Dungy up? Although he's got a good shot at winning the 250 title, this could be his "big break"
  13. Our Orthopedic doctor X-rayed him @ 4 weeks and 2 days, and gave him the "good to go" signal. He practiced the next night, and raced exactly 5 weeks from the date of injury. He won the first moto out, and had a total of 3 moto wins (of 6 motos for 3 classes, 50cc 7 & Under(1-1,1), 50cc 10 & Under (1-2,1), 50cc "Open" (3-3,3)) Thanks Dr. Mark for your input! Although you didn't treat him, your input gave us the info we needed to convince ourselves that we were doing the right thing by letting him ride so soon.
  14. Supercross

    Bring back Dave Despain! That guys has forgotten more about motocross than most of the current guys will ever know. Except for David Bailey, who in my mind, is one of the greatest ever on a bike. I spent a week at his dad's (Gary) MX school back in the 80's, when David was the current SX champ, and he was so down to earth, and very helpful. It's a shame that he ended up paralyzed. I also find it interesting that he's doing ads for Lucas Oil (also featuring his son). I know several guys that have been seriously injured on bikes, a couple of them paralyzed, yet they are still in the sport. I guess it just gets in your blood. I know that if I got injured seriously, that would be it for my son, as my wife would never let him get on a bike again.