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  1. SR-N-JRThumpers

    PW 50 Throtle

    Ok Vin says its a 94 mdl Any sugestions on a website to get troubleshooting ideas
  2. SR-N-JRThumpers

    PW 50 Throtle

    My Pw 50 will idle but bogs and dies when throtle is opened. Where can I decifer the vin to figure yr mdl.
  3. SR-N-JRThumpers

    Fork Seal

    THanks again for the reply to my CRF150 RB Fork leak problems. That video was exactly what I needed to see. My local repair shop wanted $200 to do this job to both forks. I understand the differance of beeing in buisness but I needed a how to so that I could do it myself and this gave me the knowladge and confidance to do it myself. THank you Thumpertalk and the person who sent the links to me. My son will be riding this weekend and for a lot less money Sr THumper Curtis
  4. SR-N-JRThumpers

    Fork Seal

    Well I got all the suspention adjustments done for the lighter weight rider and then noticed a Leak on the front fork seal. 2008 CRF150RB Need some info. Tools needed? I hear special tools are needed. What are they? Are there any good web sites for the how to?
  5. SR-N-JRThumpers

    Shock tools

    GOt my adjustments done. THanks for the info guys. Rounded off an ols screwdriver and it worked great. Sag is set now
  6. SR-N-JRThumpers

    Shock tools

    Need to know the size of the spanner wrenches needed for adjusting the spring preload on my sons CRF150RB. Where can I get them besides HOnda. They want over $70 for the set of two wrenches.
  7. Yes I have lost my darn mind. Bought the XR on friday. After chasin him for 8 hours on sunday at the track I bought the CR for him on Monday and the XR is MINE!!!! Just kidding there will be a bike for me in the near future. Already did the usual after market exhaust, air filter and Rev box. Now a rejeting needs to be performed. Checked the plug and it is dry and white in small amounts. What Recomendations on the best jetting kit to purchase and where to research proper jetting. Anyway i am having a blast and yall will hear from me as the mods add up. Click here