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  1. hornet1

    Jesse Panniers

    I'm guessing from the lurking I've been doing that few of you are intersted in putting saddle bags on your bikes, but I just installed a set of Jesse panniers last weekend. I love them. I use the bike for commuting mostly, so carrying stuff is a must. I also fabbed a rear rack to strap on my pelican briefcase, which fits perfectly between the bags. I had to fab the mounts for the bike, as the guys at jesse don't make them for this bike (Yet), but it wasn't too bad of a job, and i'm happy with the result. Cheers stupid question, how do i attach a pic?
  2. hornet1

    Electrical Help Needed

    Thanks for the quick and thorough responses. My guess is i f'up a wire pulling the rear fender, but we'll find out tonight. thanks....
  3. hornet1

    Electrical Help Needed

    Here's the symptoms: On my way home last night, about a 1 mile ride, the battery completely drained. I charged it completely overnight. Rode to work. Started the bike at the end of the day, (cranked fine) rode about a tenth mile, bike stalled (low fuel), battery too drained to start it. bump started it, rode about 4 miles, batter so drained that the lcd gauge stopped working!. Here are my questions. It doesn't seem to be draining as it sits, other wise it would've been dead after work. Seems to drain super fast when running. Could this mean their is not electrical output when running? Is there some what to check this. I am new to this bike, had it about 300 miles/4 weeks. it's a 2001 S. Last weekend I did some non-electrial work on it (installed a set of Jesse hard bags). I may have "nudged" some wires or something, but on a cursory glance with plastic/seat removed I didn't see anything. If you can help, I'd greatly appreciate it. I hope to look at it again tonight after work (my second job). TIA