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  1. OK I rebuilt it again and did it right this time. I also found I put the piston upside down. No difference in performance. One thing that is baffleing me. When I'm at idle and I floor it , the bike chokes breifly then revs up. What is causing this? I adjusted the mixer screw and made sure I was tight all the way around. But whats cause the 1 second choke before reving?
  2. Thanks racer. I used oil last time in the cylinder, I guess thats one reason why it went on so easily. Thanks for all the help. Jake
  3. Im pulling it apart again. I couldnt live knowing its wrong.
  4. I found it, I did install the rings backwards. The oil rings are correct but the darker compression ring is the middle ring, which I put wrong.
  5. It was not a kit, it was individual parts from Honda. The pulg is not wet from oil. It is (what looks like) pure carbon. But I see a rebuild in the near future. Thanks for the link. But I did not see anything about rings.
  6. Thanks Bungus, but I dont think there is anything wrong with the top end. Whats the problem , when the plug is black with powder carbon?
  7. Well I pulled the spark plug out today. Coated black with alot carbon. I put the darker grey ring on the top and the lighter ring with the silver lining in the middle, so guess I did it wrong. I guess I will have to redo it. The bike runs well. You cant tell there is anything wrong with the bike, but from the looks of the plug, there seems to be something wrong.
  8. I dont know about the little marks on the rings being up..I just put the 2 gaps opppsite of each other. Installing the piston in the cylinder was fairly easy, I was able to cock the piston just enought to get one bottom half in then with a small flat head screw driver I was able to pinch the ring in from the top, I lubed the cylinder wall alot and worked the piston in. Like I said before it was the oil rings that gave the biggest head ache. I replaced all the gaskets, installed new rings reinstalled the timing sproket and had everything to gether in about an hour. And thats with taking beer brakes. I never changed the valve position and put the piston back at TDC while the head was off, so everything just went back on the same way it came off.
  9. jakelm3075

    Post ur pic or vid

    I would like to see that in the mud...lol
  10. There was a solid grey ring that I installed in front. There was a grey ring with a silver metal lining on the outside, that I installed middle. I hope I got it right. It was a pain to get the oil rings in the cylinder, but after much cursing at the bike, it went on..lol.
  11. Thanks Racer, but 002 seems very tight. But I will recalibrate to .002 and see how it runs. Tightening it up to .002 might reduce some of the slight taping I hear. As for the rings, I seem to ge very good compression, cranks in 2 kicks and doesnt smoke, so I guess I did it right. Are there any other symptoms of rings in wrong position, besides smoking? Would there be "less" compression if rings were not in their perfect spot? Or is getting it close good enough? Can you get the 2 tops rings wrong? Or either ring can go in either groove? Jake
  12. .004 cold for valve adjustment right?
  13. The bike is a 2000 and has never been worked on. I installed the new gaskets, piston and rings. I never thought the rings could be such a pain on the butt, but when I was finished, put everything together, the biked cranked on the second kick. Amazing how it runs now, like its brand new. I was curious if there was a wrong way to intall the rings. The 2 bigger rings go towords the head of the piston. But the oil rings gave me problems. The two front rings , I was able to get the knotches oposite from each other, but the oil rings, Im not sure. The bike doesnt smoke at all, so I guess I did it right. There is a slight tapping in the valves , adjustment is next. I cleaned the vavles as best I could, but I did not take a flashlight to them. I dont want to pull the head off again, because the tech at Honda told me the metal gaskets will never seal correctly after removing the head. So I guess I will just leave it be. The bike was running before the tune up but it is amazing how much better it is now. The one thing I noticed was how easy it was to tune the carb. Before I could turn and turn on the air/fuel mixer screw but barely anything would happen. Now with just a slight turn , the performance drasticly changes. I guess that was the cause of bad rings. That little 4stroke 70 is really a pretty good bike. Thanks for all of your help.
  14. Picking up the gakets and new piston (which I dont know why I bought a new piston, the old one was just UGLY, but oh well), I took the head to show the guys at the Honda shop. They said it was fine, just alot of carbon. They said just take some gas and a small steal tooth brush and clean under the vavles to allow them to seal. What do you all think of that cleaning idea?
  15. Thanks all. I will try it this weekend. I will take some pics of the valves so you all can tell me if they need to be changed out or not.