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  1. jbird710

    Intermittent electrical problem '06 XR650L

    Sorry I never replied to this after finding the problem. My problem turned out to be a broke wire in the wiring harness where the harness comes out from under the gas tank, next to the steering head. I just replaced the entire harness and the bike has run fine since. I found it one day when I replaced the spark plug. After getting the bike to start, I was going to bump the plug wire with a screw driver to see if I could replicate the problem. The engine was idling and in the process of getting the screwdriver in place, I bumped the wiring harness and the engine died. I wiggled the harness, restarted the bike and as it was idling, I could push the harness about a quarter inch causing the engine to die. If I bumped it and quickly pulled it down, the engine would misfire a couple of strokes and fire back up. It had to be a defect from the factory, but by the time I found it, the bike was long out of warranty.
  2. jbird710

    XR650R OEM Carb question

  3. jbird710

    XR650R OEM Carb question

    It looks like there a couple of carbs for the XR650R Keihin PE78A-C and PE78B-B. Does anyone know what the difference is between these two?
  4. jbird710

    Tools needed to split KLR650 cases?

    Thanks! Will pass this on.
  5. A friend asked me to inquire what tools are required to split the cases on a KLR650. His transmission is stuck in 2nd gear and will not shift up nor down. He removed the side cases and can see through a portal something sticking in the shifting mechanism but is unable to reach it and not sure what it is. This is the reason for splitting the cases to gain access and determine what all is wrong. I have a few flywheel pullers for different Honda dirt bikes, but not sure if any would fit the KLR. Also, any advice about where to get the tools would be helpful. Thanks!
  6. jbird710

    1/4 turn dead spot, electrical?

    I've got a similar problem where when running down the road at any throttle/speed, about every 30 seconds - 1 minute, it misses one hit; almost as if I tapped the kill switch (and, no, it's not the kill switch). Still troubleshooting mine.
  7. jbird710

    Cr500 information

    You adjust the low end with the pilot jet; no option there but to try different sizes to find which one gives you the best performance. You will probably need to adjust the air screw also. Mid - top end is the main jet and needle position. Again, due to the modifications to your bike, it will require making a change and test it.
  8. jbird710

    I need a CDI for a CR500

    Sounds like your snakebit with this one, but electrical problems can be a pain. Like Br0ck said, what year model CR500 are you working on?
  9. jbird710

    I need a CDI for a CR500

    He said he had tried coil, spark plug wire, and stator.
  10. jbird710

    I need a CDI for a CR500

    That sounds like a cold solder joint on one of the components in the cdi. Very similar to the issues they had on the XR650L.
  11. jbird710

    I need a CDI for a CR500

    You can still get a new OEM unit from Honda depending on the year model. CDI for a 2001 is part number 30410-ML3-791 and would probably fit 93-01. $205 US from Western Honda Powersports in Scottsdale, AZ. You could possibly get a similar price for one from a UK online dealer. Are you sure your CDI is bad? Bad grounding issues can cause no spark - had this problem with my '87 once.
  12. jbird710

    FCR jetting for XR400

    Definitely wa t to keep it clean. I've adapted a CR500 air boot to a CRF450 air box, maybe adapt a CRF air boot to the XR400 air box?
  13. jbird710

    FCR jetting for XR400

    Was going to see how the 400 cables fit, but do have a quarter turn throttle and the cables off of the CRF250. Figure one or the other will work. Just hoping the air boot to the filter will fit the back of the FCR. Thanks for the jetting info. Will probably be later in the week before I get the chance to work on it.
  14. jbird710

    FCR jetting for XR400

    I've got a stock 2001 XR400 and was wanting to install a spare FCR carb I have. I believe it's a 37 or 38 mm (whatever came stock on the early CRF250R before they went to 40mm). I'm at sea level and was wondering what pilot and main jet sizes to start with? I know I'll have to fine tune it but just was curious if anyone could suggest a starting point so the bike would at least start. Also, it has a FMF silencer and a K&N filter. Stock header tubes.
  15. jbird710

    2001 CR500 Oil & Dirt in Ignition Case

    If you don't have one, you can get a flywheel puller fairly cheap from the TT store or most any place like Cycle Gear and pull off the flywheel. There's a seal behind there that's easily replaceable. When you put the new one in, put a little grease on it and it should slide right in place. Even with the one in there leaking a little, the bike will usually run fine. Being 16 years old, it probably needs replacing.