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  1. These connections are wrong. Mine are correct. See your other post.
  2. If you need any more help, just ask. I completely restored, and rebuilt the engine on my 1990 DR650 with high comp piston, new rod and bearings, rings etc. Supertrapp exhaust. It runs great and I can get close to an indicated 100 mph with the chain and sprockets I'm using. It's a bit too heavy for much off road use, but it's a lot of fun.
  3. #9 goes to #5, gas supply. #3 goes to #8, vacuum for gas supply diaphragm in petcock. Remember to put it on Prime to start it for the first time, or you wont be getting gas.. #2 is a vent, just run it down the frame to and out to the atmosphere. #1 goes to #6. #4 goes to my smog/emissions canister. It's a California model. You can just plug it if you don't have the canister. #7 goes to a connection at the bottom left front of the airbox. It's a crankcase vent. Hope this all helps.