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  1. mac05

    need some help

    thank you
  2. mac05

    need some help

    how do I reset the acct on a 2002 drz 400? thanks
  3. mac05

    Need some help

    hey noble, have any suggestions.
  4. mac05

    Need some help

    I read in another post that the keintech extended fuel screw was rich? maybe I will put stock fuel screw back in and mess with it.
  5. mac05

    Need some help

    stock pilot jet is 22.5 not sure where your getting 42 from
  6. mac05

    Need some help

    i thought the pilot jet was 22.5 and i went to 25
  7. mac05

    Need some help

    ok thanks I did put in 25 pilot jet but bike wouldnt stall when it was closed
  8. mac05

    Need some help

    the valves are in spec but on low side i was going to shim them this winter
  9. mac05

    Need some help

    I have stock 2002 drz s with extended fuel screw it has always needed full choke to start no matter where I set the fuel screw (2 1/4 turns to 3.5 turns) the bike doesn't need choke to start. how many turns out should it be? thanks
  10. mac05

    help with oem suzuki handguards

    do you remember how you put them on
  11. I bought these and when I try to install the left one(clutch side) the handguard doesn't stay in place. what goes into the smaller hole? thanks
  12. mac05

    what is this

    took apart carb on 2002 drz s what is the red plastic piece that goes over the main when I turn the carb upside down it doesn't really sit on there straight it looks like it can fall off I was trying to look at the oring that goes on the valve but cant get this screw off any ideas thanks
  13. mac05

    Throttle cable return question

    I tightened it and the loop isn't as noticable as before Does it matter that I dont have 3mm of threads showing its more like 6 gonna go ride and see what happens thanks for all your help
  14. mac05

    Throttle cable return question

    I will tighten up the cable and see if the loop goes away do you just take out the return cable and everything will work ok
  15. I replaced the throttle cable on a drz s last year with a motion pro one I have a few questions It seems like after every ride the pull cable still needs to be adjusted is the return cable suppose to come straight up from the carb when it is returning mine has a curve to it (see pic) I think I messed up my throttle cable thanks