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    What's the deal with the chain price increase?

    Fuel, steel, labor. The 3 influencing issues here. Labor at .50/hr vs 5.00/hr. What product is the best buy????. China, last year, consumed 1/3 of the worlds production of steel. Of that, 1/3 was for their own "infrastructure development" (1 very large steel plant -not Chinese, ONLY produces steel for China's infrastructure-highrise building growth) within their Nation. The remaining 2/3 of the steel was used as base-product for their export (that is the single biggest reason for chain price differences. I do not know about "quality")
  2. OGMiddRider

    Backfire screen removal fire?

    Way back in the "old" days, a backfire caused fire was a little more likely than today. Better ignition/carburetion today. If you ONLY drag race 1/8mile stuff, no other riding, go ahead and remove it. While your at it, take the aircleaner off (MOOOORE power). Other wise the gain is soooo small (if it were removed) that very few riders would be able to notice an improvment in their speed over a measured course.
  3. OGMiddRider

    2001 Fcr/ktm

    2001 KTM 400exc. What is the carb model(ID) in addition to the "FCR"?. The 02' KTM has the same carb. What year did the 4-stroke dirt bike manufacturers go to the newer model FCR?