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    where to ride near grand junction?

    Yeah and if you go riding in the adobe's, avoid the large white spots of alkali it kinda looks like sand and feels like it at first, but you will usually end up out in the middle of it and be pretty well screwed if you ride a smoker like me. It looks dry, but under neath there is anywhere from 3 to 9 inches of some of the worst smelling and stickiest mud ever.
  2. carnage411

    where to ride near grand junction?

    A better question would be, Where can I not ride? Grand Junction is surrounded in abobe hills, and you can ride through those all day. There is a trail that starts down in the hills and takes you all the way to Delta ( like 10 miles ) and from there You can take a trail up Grand Mesa and get a cabin so you can ride those excellent trails there. that'd be my idea of an ideal weekend. But seriously, you can ride pretty much every where so I hope you have tons of fun
  3. carnage411

    Yesterday's riding pics.

    Walking in the middle of the track = bad idea Looks like a nice place to ride though
  4. Looks like you might be running rich there.
  5. http://denver.craigslist.org/mcy/205063635.html Fat, stupid, and probably drunk.
  6. carnage411

    Helped a 4 stroker yesterday....Guess why

    I would guess the fuel petcock was clogged up. I met a guy with a similar problem, but his was a two stroke. I pulled the fuel line off the carb with the gas off, and oil slowly trickled out. He poured his oil into the gas tank then sat with it idling, not even bothering to mix the oil and fuel around, so it all sank to the fuel filter in the petcock.
  7. You know what, Your right he isn't riding the quad. Now let's think about it; do you buy a cape and some stupid ass goggles to take a picture for craigslist? Call the number in the ad, ask him if it comes with protective equipment, and very few of us will be suprised by the answer. And also to all of you that say all quad riders aren't bad, I agree. My original statement was to broad. quad riders aren't that bad, It's the sport quad riders that give me problems, both on the trail and on the track. But sport quadders seem to be the most common in my area and many of them are like this guy, so I still believe this is a common everyday quadder
  8. No, the fact that he rides in that is funny yes, but is wearing no helmet, chest protector or boots a good idea? Is it funny to you? And is it not a perfect example of a quad rider? I've been riding every weekend for a year and I just had my first expirience with a quad rider wearing a helmet, but still no boots or chest protector
  9. Yep thats one of the first things that came to my mind, That is what he rides in everyday. Goggles and and a cape
  10. Um if you are going backwards the wrong way then technically, you're going the right way.
  11. carnage411

    hairline crack on gas tank repair?

    I would suggest putting some like model glue or epoxy i think it is on it. I cant remember which but I know it comes in a red tube and can be found next to all the model cars at walmart. it actually fuses the plastic together and has held very well on my bike.
  12. carnage411

    Post pics of 85's

    What exactly makes you think that? It appears to be an '03 to me because '02 was the last year of the 80's and then they started making the 85's which had dual radiator shrouds, like the one in the pic
  13. carnage411

    Post pics of 85's

    I don't think thats a 2001 cause im pretty sure any 80 '96 and up has inverted forks I'm not positive about that though
  14. carnage411

    most broke items on ur bikes

    Clutch levers are the only things i brake on a regular basis. Usually just hitting a rut a sandy or muddy corner and sliding the bike except this weekend my brother pulled out in front of me as i was passing him and i layed the bike down trying to avoid hittin him but my rear tire took him out anyway In my worst crash i bent the forks on my old ttr 125 back 3 inches flattened the rear rim and dented the exhaust pipe not to mention that i no longer had plastics i can post pics if anybody wants to see. I mean of the parts not the crash lol
  15. I'm replacing on my 1995 KX 80 the clutch plates with racing plates. I got to the hub nut and no matter what I do I can't get the nut to break loose. any tricks or ideas on how to break it loose?
  16. carnage411

    Can't break loose clutch hub nut, Any ideas?

    Thanks, didn't think of that, will find friend with one.
  17. carnage411

    shifting in the air

    OKay to sum this thread up, it is okay to shift in the air, as there is no load on the transmission. When you are on the ground, it is completely up to you. do you want to Redo your clutch sooner or later? Can you comprehend the term technique? If so please use the technique that was described earlier in the thread, and you should have no problems. P.S. I am 14 as you can tell by the fact that i am up at 12, plus ive only been riding for a year, so I probably have no clue what i am talking about okay
  18. carnage411

    why quads

    I don't hate all quad riders, i think that they have their place, like in the mountains, but i they are annoying as hell at the track. they almost never wear helmets, they do burnouts, wheelies, donuts, and many other things that just bother the spectators and break-takers. once you ar actually on the track, most of them want to be in the lead, even though they have no skill, and will get in front of you and stay just 200 feet ahead of you, kicking up dust the whole time, which is a huge safety danger. if they stop , i will not see them cause of the large cloud of dirt in front of me as well as the fact that i am tearing up from all the dust in my face so my vision is blurry. Other than that, they usually have an im better than you attitude.
  19. carnage411

    Do You Holler When You're...GOING DOWN?

    I yell some times, but usually just think about it in my head. I am always talking to myself though, and it conffuses the hell out of everyone when i got a mic on. http://Carnage411.googlepages.com/tire http://Carnage411.googlepages.com/forks
  20. carnage411

    newbie now injured

    I bent the exhaust pipe and broke the front and rear fenders as well. I'd definitely say it is my worst crash so far.
  21. carnage411

    newbie now injured

    I finnally got some pictures of my damaged parts from my bike. I got ia good deal on my front end to replace the parts from the crash, only 175, but ended up being 250 after the guy shipped it to the wrong place. anyways, here are the pics from my crash, although the parts are no longer on the bike. http://Carnage411.googlepages.com/tire http://Carnage411.googlepages.com/forks
  22. i just bought a cr85, and we to do some of the basic maintnance on the bike. We changed the oil completely, but we read the manual, and it said to open the check bolt and a little oil should come out. when we opened it up a ton of oil came out. the person we bought it from is pretty expirienced, so im not sure if was just reading wrong, or he didnt fill it right. so how high should the oil level be you think. Also we are new to 2 strokes, and we wondering if it was normal for burned oil to leak from the part of the pipe where it connects to the engine. and also shoot out the back of the pipe. thANKS FOR YOUR HELP, jUSTIN
  23. carnage411

    newbie now injured

    I just recently had a bad accident too. i was in fifth with it pinned, and went over a small bump, only to find taht I was about too run into a two foot deep rut in the road. Two guys com9ing around a hill saw the whole thing and said i was lucky to be allive. I just got up and put my bike back on the stand, thinking it was fine. then sat down to take a brake. One of the guys pulled over and assked if i was alright. and i said yeah. Then he asked me if i wanted a ride back too my car, and i said no, i am fine. Then came the his reply of "youre gonna ride it. I think you best take a look at that bike again. I look over to see taht my front wheeel is bent almost to the point of being flat. and my forks are bent as well as a large dent in my exhaust pipe. I plan to post picks of my wheel and forks sometime soon, and ill post a link in this thread too.\ Sorry if this didnt make much sense, but im really tired form riding this weekend , and will probably edit and explain myself tommorow for the many of you i am sure didnt understand.
  24. carnage411


    I do alot of trail riding and very steep hill climbs on my ttr 125. This cr85 is more of my brothers bike than mine, and he isn't too great yet. I plan on racing next season, on either a yz 85 or a yz 125. most of the places i ride you have to climb straight up though, because at rampart the trails are very narrow and going left or right wil just lead you into a tree.