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  1. kerry400f

    250sx Rear Brake Problem

    I meant to comment back on this earlier, but your method worked great! No more locking up.
  2. kerry400f

    250sx Rear Brake Problem

    Good point! I forgot about that. I will definately check that. Thanks! Another question regarding this, how high should the fluid be in the master cylinder before the cap and rubber gromet are put in? I ask because the sight glass sucks lol. I can't tell whether the fluid height fine, if it's too high or if there is nothing in it.
  3. kerry400f

    250sx Rear Brake Problem

    Hey guys, long time lurker here and I have stumbled on a problem I am having with my 2012 250sx. I changed my all of my fluids over winter like usual, and now I am having rear brake problems. As I am riding and using the rear brake, it heats up as it should, but it overheats and then locks the brake up until it cools. There isn't too much fluid in it because that was one of the first things I checked. No leaks. I have no idea what would've changed from last year when it worked perfect to this. Any advice?
  4. kerry400f

    How to break in boots

    This^ lol. My Tech 3's are beat and they feel like they are just now broke in. I absolutely hate the buckle system, especially after a 2 hour harescramble where they are packed with mud and you're tired
  5. kerry400f

    What number should I put on my bike?

    I will just run the numbers for this racing season, then change my racing number for next year. I will just get funny looks from people for another year haha.
  6. kerry400f

    What number should I put on my bike?

    Funny thing is, I actually have 420 on my bike. I ordered them because it was my wife's birthday 4/20 and didn't realize what I did until after a friend pointed it out.
  7. kerry400f

    GNCC Prep?

    I'm not saying you're wrong, but my new 250 smoker uses more fuel per time than my old 450 did? Maybe I am just faster on the 250? Anyway, I've ridden Steele Creek, afternoon race though, and I hated the track lol. It was nice and open for the most part, but I felt like the whole track was whooped out. By lap three, I was beat from what it felt like constantly riding in whoops haha. Of course, the monring race won't be as beat up at the beginning though.
  8. kerry400f

    250 sx vs. 250 exc

    I have ridden both and currently have the SX. Here's my two cents on it. I love the power delivery of the SX, but then again I have always preferred the motocross because they seem to be more aggresive. I race the GNCCs and do ride some MX tracks and for what I do, the SX does everything I need it to do. There a handful of things that the XC has that I do kind of wish my bike had: electric start, 6 gears and bigger factory gas tank. The electric start is not a big deal, but there are times when I am on the side of hill where it would be useful. The gearing on my bike is aweful for say dirt road riding. My 5th seems to be equilavent to roughly 4th on my friends XC. It sucks when I am racing and get out into a big open field, and I feel like an 85 could pass me haha. The gas tank wasn't a big deal, but I had to spend ~$300 on a bigger aftermarket tank. Overall, for the little that I do ride MX tracks, we are talking less than 5 times a year, the XC would have been a better choice for me, but at the time I couldn't find a XC for weeks. Note: I forgot that I did regear my bike slightly from factory, so that has a play in the gearing side of things.
  9. Anyone going to be at the Masontown GNCC this weekend?
  10. Anyone going to be at Mtn Ridge tomorrow?
  11. It is located in Central City I believe. They have a website you can get on. O yea. I only got to go up once or twice last year, but yeah I will hit you up on here when we plan on going again. Can you only ride on weekends?
  12. The Mountain Ridge Recreation Area just opened a week or two back. Does anyone here go there? It's actually a really nice place. My buddy and I go there to ride. It's really nice practice also if you race harescrambles.
  13. kerry400f

    Highpoint Harescramble

    Collegeboy. I was going to run B class, but my buddy who I race with all the time entered in Collegeboy. So, I just entered that class. I may switch at BVR to B though.
  14. kerry400f

    2013 GNCC round 4 Big Buck Union SC

    No, I can't make it there this year. I hear you on the traveling and time. I've decided to run less GNCC's and more local series races also. Thanks for the videos, I am subscribed to your channel over on Youtube. I really enjoy watching your videos.
  15. kerry400f

    Highpoint Harescramble

    I agree with the MX track. I wasn't expecting it to be that slick right after the start. I, along with everyone else it seemed, was struggling to find traction out there. I feel it would've flowed much better without the rain, but we can't always have perfect conditions to race in lol. The track was tacking up really nice towards the end. I was able to actually find some bite then lol. I plan on going to Beaver Valley also. Maybe we will see each other up there!