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    Trooper shoots quad rider...

    my 2 cents worth : I think the officer was entangled / or grabbed on to the atv and then fell off and being night he decided to shoot the tyres out of the atv .....but being dragged a bit his judgement was not clear and aimed to high resulting in fatality .

    Whats the torque for...

    http://www.nbsupercycle.com/servicemanuals/04servicemanuals.htm Cam cap bolts = 9.8Nm or 1.0 kgf-m or 87 in-lb you will find torque settings here download manual hope this helps ?

    Help needed ! please

    Hi all this may be a stupid question for you experienced riders but to me being a newb it is worth asking . I am a proud new owner of a 06 crf230f and haven't bought a manual yet and brand new to the honda 4 strokes I have ridden the bike for about 2 hours and have changed the oil. But my question is about that small wire mesh strainer at the engine oil sump plug . Is it the only filter incorporated in this engine or is there any more that iam not aware off.If not please explain the filtration principal to me ? Another question is once a person belives a bike is "run in " do you really have to take it back to honda for its first service ? What do you need to do straight after /once the bike is so called "run in "?(eg valve adjustment /change spark plugs ect ). Any information on these questions from anyone would greatly be appreciated . Thanking you in advance.