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  1. hey guys i boguht a drz400e in july an it was made into a dual sport, bike ran great, but now my battery is no longer charging, so i converted it back to jsut a dirtbike beucause i plan on goin on a few rallys soon, anyway the only troubles i had was the seal behind my sprocket went, and now the charging system isnt working, the bike had all gas - gas components on it as far as the switch and signals, brake lights. im jsut wondering if anyone may no the problem or could it be jsut my battery? thanks donovan
  2. hey does anyone have a stock pipe forslae, or can i possibly buy a spararrestor for my yoshi slip on?
  3. well i couldnt pass up the deal so i bought it. so yea its a 2004 drz400e the guy made it street an trail, has a yoshi slip-on pipe, jet kit, uni filter, some spare tires, gas gas signals, horn, multi function switch. its in awsome shape.
  4. hey guys i owned a 2005 drz250 last summer and i really liked it, but i wanted a mx bike this year and the more i think about it its everything i dont need, i only trail ride and go gravel pitting an the drz250 was perfect, so i am bikelless now and the money for a brand new one isnt there, so i found this 2004 drz400e the guy made it sreet n trail, and it has a yoshi pipe, jet kit, uni filter, and is mint, under 2500kms, how good are the 400e's and were there any known problems with the 2004s thanks D.Penney
  5. thanks for the info i think in goin with the 06 yz250f
  6. thats a sweet looking bike...anyone else got some info
  7. im think about gettin one, i ride gravel pits trails, an the odd day at the track, how are the 06's holding up, will a WR tank fit it, i no im going to need more then a 1.85g tank.
  8. well i may try racing this year so im think i should get a 2006 250 thuper,
  9. i ride the bike pretty much in all places, ecept sand, i dorve a crf450r yesterday it wasnt to bad.
  10. well i have been riding since i was 7, an yea il be 17 in the summer, i would consider my self i pretty good rider, im not stupid i no my limits so i think i could handle a 450, im guessin it may take me a couple of weeks to get use to it. but all in all it should last a long time.
  11. i have also posted this in the yamaha forum. i would like ot here your views on both bikes also why did you buy a ktm over yamaha or vice versa.
  12. well i already posted a topic about 250vs 450 but i think im going with a 450, so know i notieced that the ktm seems to be a realy nice bike, can you guys tell the main differences between the ktm 450exc and the yamaha wr450. the onyl i reason im considering ktm is the dealer has one in stock.
  13. you should do it soon. i havent boguht a bike yet. id be glad to here what you have to say. penney7
  14. im starting to get the itch for a new bike...i think a 450 maybe good.
  15. well i no i can buy the parts to turn the klx into a good offroad bike, and i no in a year or to im guonna need a street bike to go to collage. so if i got the klx turned into a offrad bike, then in to years put all the lgihts an stuff on it works out perfect also i really love the price. all i really need to kno is how much better the klx is then my old dr-z, it seems the klx should be better in the suspension view and power. since it has a inverted fork with 11.2in of travel an its a l/c motor, the dr-z was non inverted fork an was air cooled with a small oil cooler.