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  1. tenyart

    Whats it worth?

  2. tenyart

    Whats it worth?

    Hello Everyone, I am thinking about selling my 06 wr450f. I had the title changed to motorcycle in case I wanted to plate it. All the free mods have been done. Bike is super clean, never been laid down or even scratched. Bike has about 1200 miles on it. A valve shim kit, JD jet kit, and all AIS items removed go with it. Adult owned and maintained in emaculate condition. What is it worth? Thank you
  3. tenyart

    wr450 valve clearance

    My bike starts much easier and overall runs better with the lash set on the loose side of the spec. I would do it again in a heartbeat. Terry
  4. tenyart

    450 wr compression check

    Hello, Yes the engine needs to be at operating temp. The throttle needs to be wide open to allow full airflow into engine. You also need to empty the fuel bowl and make sure fuel is turned off. Also use a battery charger so cranking speed remains constant. 5 puffs should be all you need. I am not sure of the cranking psi spec. Hope this helps you. Terry
  5. tenyart

    wr450 valve clearance

    Hello Sir, I also just got done checking my 06 Wr450 valve clearance. All specs like you said were at the minimum with the engine stone cold. I went ahead and put the next size smaller shim in knowing that the valve clearance would continue to tighten up as the valves/seats wear. Nom my bike starts easier, and seems to come on harder at low rpm. I didn't notice any change on the big end. Getting all the timing marks lined back up was a pain in the ass at first. I unbolted the exhaust cam cap and played with it to change timing. I also bought the hot shims kit so I wouldn't have to piss with running to a dealer. The kit was 82.95 I think. I hope this helps you. Feel free to email me if you have any other questions. Terry
  6. tenyart

    chain eating frame away

    Hey Everyone, I too have experienced the chain moving over to the left striking the square aluminum frame. I took a 4" long piece of radiator hose, sliced it longways, and zip-tied it over the rub. I am 250 lbs and thought it may be a result of landing hard on the suspension after some air? Not sure though, I keep my chain always at the 2" freeplay mark. Paranoid about tightening it anymore since I'm so damn big. One thing that has help considerable was to tighten my rear coil spring to its limit. Love the blue man!
  7. tenyart

    45 vs 48 Pilot - Question

    Sounds like you may need to return back to the 45 PJ. I don't completely understand the correlation between pilot jets and idle circuit, but if you can completely turn it in and the engine doesn't stall or run rough, then you are idling through the needle and jet. I have an 06 WR450 with a 48 PJ and have it cranked out pretty far, farther than others have remarked. Enjoy your ride! Terry
  8. tenyart

    Honda Plastics for an 87 TRX125???

    Hello everyone, I just bought my kids a good running 87 TRX125, but the plastics are literally cracking off/disolving before my very eyes (bad shape). Does anyone know where I can find new plastic? I saw some on ebay, but they are for 85-86 and they don't look quite the same. Thank you for your help, Terry
  9. tenyart

    How much power is normal??

    I think becuse of buget issues, I will try and find a YZ muffler for cheap. If I come into some extra $$$ I will look into the FMF powercore muffler. Is there really any need to go with a complete exhaust system? I have to think an unrestricted slip-on/bolt-on muffler would spice things up. L8R Terry
  10. tenyart

    New Tires

    I am definitely going to need a rear tire soon as well. All that power just destroys them. I don't have any problems with the stock Dunlop on the rear, but that Maxis tires looks BAD! I really am thinking on changing my front tire and my bike only has 250 miles on it. I lost count how many times I've almost dumped it because that front tire slips off or goes its own way, and not to mention mud for God's sake. Thanks for posting the pic of that tire. L8R Terry
  11. tenyart

    Leak Jet ????????? ??????????

    Guys, if you don't want to solder your leak jet, use a #8 machine screw (same threads) just cut it short. I also put an oring on mine for some reason? But anything to block the leak jet. I still need to work on the A/P . I still get a bog on an extremely quick wide open whack of the throttle. Even though you rarely go from complete idle to wide open while riding.
  12. tenyart

    How much power is normal??

    You guys sound just like me, thanks for you input. These machines are great, and wheelies are a blast. Never hit 90mph though. Usually only ride out 4th if I lucky.
  13. tenyart

    How much power is normal??

    Riding down my back-country road I use the front wheel lift as a power indicator when I'm tuning. I do love to ride wheelies!! I just wanted to know how my bike compared. If everybody rolls a wheelie in 4th and 5th, then I've got more work to do. Thanks for the feedback, Terry
  14. tenyart

    How much power is normal??

    Thanks everyone, I seem to get the idea my bike runs ok. The power is great and easily predictable. I love the bike, but I love to tune every ounce of power I can get as long as it does'nt have any nasty side-effects. So thanks for your feedback, and keep the rubber side down. Terry
  15. Hello Everyone, My 06 wr450 easily wheelies 1st thrugh 3rd. I have to yank up in 4th gear and 5th ain't happening. I have done all the free mods and am looking hard at accelerator pump mods. But my question is, is there still a bunch of power left to tap with the stock muffler modified (unplugged & minus spark arrester). I've had the carb off 5-6 times playing around with needles/clip position and jet sizes to maximise A/F curve (JD Jet Kit & fuel screw). Will or should it pull up on one wheel in 4th or 5th gear? I don't want to waste a bunch of time tuning without a dynometer if there isn't much left to get. I know some of out there have tuned for ultimate power and performance. Also I have been running 93 octane gas. I am going to get some 95 octane, but some guys I've talked to say I'm crazy for not running/mixing leaded race gas.Thanks for your advice.