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  1. wavetechinc

    Removing decal adhesive from forks?

    Goo Gone and 0000 steel wool with a light touch in the same direction of the machining has always worked for me and also helped to polish my forks and NOT remove the plastic coating that you will find on some of the newer bikes. Just use a light touch.
  2. wavetechinc

    Eibach Springs Open House-Corona, CA.

    A couple of week's notice as Brian said, and I'm there. Thanks for considering such an event.
  3. wavetechinc

    2007 WR and YZ gear ratios wanted

    Gear Ratios for 07' WR250F: - 1st: 31/13 (2.85) - 2nd: 28/16 (1.750) - 3rd: 23/17 (1.353) - 4th: 23/21 (1.095) - 5th: 17/19 (0.895) Front Sprocket: 13 Rear Sprocket: 50 Hope this helps. . .
  4. wavetechinc

    Snap On Tool / Anyone receive theirs?

    I received mine last week and it is very high quality, just as my other Snap-On tools are, and it works just as well. The laser-engraved Yamaha on the handle is cool, also. Glad to have it as I do all the work on my bike and it saves time over my other torque wrenches.
  5. wavetechinc

    '07 WR250F Suspension

    Propturner: Thank you for the information. Sounds like I can learn from you. I ride, the majority of the time, on trails and in the desert with some enduro riding also. I just installed the GYTR AIS removal kit last night and installed a switch for the grey wire on the handle bars so that I can go back and forth, depending upon the terrain. I installed the JD Jetting kit before my last ride and the idle became uneven, so now I am looking at the Air Cut Valve mod so that the mixture is more consistent and the carb and computer are not fighting each other. But the power increase throughout the RPM band was great, right up until the grey wire cut back the timing! I did notice that every kit that I have ordered only has a 170 main jet in it and you say that you increased to 180. How did that work out? Let me know when you can. Regards.
  6. wavetechinc

    07 WR250 AIS/GYTR Kit Installed this weekend

    I installed this tip for my wife on her TTR125 and it sounds great and performance is somewhat better. Much throatier and solid. But I see they only have one left. Here is the URL: http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/Power-Tip-for-Yamaha-TT-R125-TTR-125-TTR125-Exhaust_W0QQcmdZViewItemQQcategoryZ35596QQihZ008QQitemZ180006882857QQrdZ1QQsspagenameZWDVW Sometimes it gets cropped in the post, so if the link does not work, please PM me and I will give you contact info. Regards.
  7. wavetechinc

    '07 WR250F Suspension

    Propturner: I was just curious, most of what I have seen in the forums states that the rider has done the free mod's, but when I question them further, many have not done all of them, do not remember exactly what mod's they did do, or cannot provide any detailed info, and I have not felt comfortable about their posts regarding what mod's they did do. Would you mind telling me exactly what mods that you did do and what your results were? I am having some trouble deciding what mods I want to do to my '07 to get more power and performance. Besides the protection and performance hardware (shark fin, PowerNow, JD jetting Kit - Red Fuel Needle, Main was already 170, GPR V2 Stabilizer, Sag, Comp/Damp adjustments, KoubaLink Fuel screw, ASV Brake/Clutch levers, Framebreaker Air Cells, ) the free mod's that I have done are 1) Gray Wire, 2) Idle Stop, 3) Removed Snorkels, 4). Exhaust Baffle. I would like to know if you performed the following mod's and in some cases, which method you chose, if you don't mind sharing: - Did you modify the Air Cut Valve? - Besides removing the snorkels, what else did you do to the air box?0 - Did you find it necessary to change to YZ Cam Timing? - Did you cut the Blue Wire> - Did you find it necessary to modify/change the accelerator pump cover after performing some of the Carb mod's? Boysen or Scary Fast? Thanks for any help you can provide.
  8. wavetechinc

    My 2007 WR250F review

    Thank you for your post. I just picked up my new 07' WR250F. I have been searching for a document stating how to do the free mod's on this bike and have only been able to open up the exhaust and cut the idle stop screw. Can you help me with the Gray Wire mod as I cannot locate where to unplug it on this bike. Also, are you happy with the "Q" Pipe and Powerbomb? And finally, you stated that you performed the following mod's: "Smog removed, Airbox opened up, throttle screw changed, grey wire unplugged. Stock needle shimmed up. I would suggest the JD or the AIS removal kit to make this easier. 178 main. I would also suggest an adjustable screw, which I have not received from Zip Ty Racing." What did you plug off the smog fittings with, what JD or AIS part numbers did you use ( my dealer can't help), and how did you open up the air box? Any info would be appreciated. As for the handling, I don't think that the bike is fully broken in yet as I have not been able to stop the front forks from bottoming out on doubles. I even added Framebreaker Racing's air cells to help, but that did not resolve the issue, either. BTW, how much do you weight and at what temperature and altitude do you ride? Thanks.
  9. wavetechinc

    Hour Meter Installation

    So, does anyone know how to install the hour meter if the coil IS in the Spark Plug cap as it is with earlier WR's? I am having a problem placing it so that the pick-up wire will carry a signal so that the meter will start timing when the engine is running!
  10. Does anyone know what number drill size (OR diameter in thousandths of an inch) corresponds to the 17.5 and 20 Pilot Jets and the 110 and 115 Main Jets? I have several smaller old jets that I can drill out and wanted to tune my wife's bike this weekend before she rides because it is not ridable in it's current condition and do not have the jet sizes that I need. Thanks.
  11. wavetechinc

    SUBTANKS!! Too good to be true?

    I have searched for Framebreaker's web site without much luck. Where did you find their site at or did you call them directly? Or, did you order them from the TT store to get the $250 pricing? I didn't find them there either. Any help is appreciated. Thanks.
  12. wavetechinc

    WR400/426/450 Jetting Database

    Model:'03 WR450 Timing: WR Main Jet:168 Pilot Jet: 48 Starter Jet: 70 Leak Jet: 40 Fuel screw (turns out): 1.75 Needle model/Clip position: JD Blue 3 Airbox lid: On w/ snorkel removed, stock filter. Pipe: FMF Q, Stock header pipe Atitude where you ride:800-4500 Temperature where you ride:50-75 Degree of satisfaction: Lower Elevations to @2500 - Fantastic, then gets fatter to 4500, but still great power throughout. I weight 175 filly outfitted, so not a big load. Easily lifts in top of first 3 gears. Additional Info: NGK CR8EK's made starting easy with no/little higher alt. fouling, ACV operational, AP cover mod (self, sim. to Boyesen), no bog, sputter, flat spot, slight popping higher alt., no backfire.
  13. wavetechinc

    Wanted to buy: WR250F in SoCal

    Very Interested, but I may have already bought one in your area. I will call tomorrow. Or you can call me any time: (714) 267-5485 - Cell, (714) 847-5945 - Office.
  14. wavetechinc

    Wanted to buy: WR450F

    Looking for a 2003-2005 WR450F (or 250F) in Southern California for sale. Does anyone know of one available? Will travel some to look at it from Huntington Beach, CA. Feel free to call or e-mail any time. Serious sellers with fairly clean bikes only, please, that want to move quick for cash buyer.
  15. Looking for a 2003-2005 WR250F in Southern California for sale. Does anyone know of one available? Will travel some to look at it from Huntington Beach, CA. Feel free to call or e-mail any time. Serious sellers with fairly clean bikes only, please, that want to move quick for cash buyer.