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  1. Yamaha

    Well, i just finished stripping all the plastics off the unit, and low and behold at the wiring junction were it "Y"'s off to the spark plug one of the wires had rubbed bare against the frame. Fixed it with electrical tape, and now it runs
  2. Yamaha

    ok, i've never seen this myself but my when i went to fireup my 450 i got no lights when i turned the key, so i figured the batt was dead, threw it on hte charger for a day then came back to the same prob. This is the weird thing, i checked the fuses and they were fine, but when i pulled in the clutch the pos side fuse blew. now i've looked in the service manual but found no reference to this problem. My dealer also didn't know what was going on from what i explained to him (couldn't bring the quad to him, lacking a truck) so i popped the batt and checked all the connections, they seemed fine, so i tossed the batt back in with the same problems. Anyone else ever had a prob like this and fixed it?