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  1. NOMADAK.. I want that green van!!!!!
  2. We go 2 times a year (spring and fall). I wish it was that close for us, we'd probably go once a month. It's close to 15 hours each way for us. That place will spoil riders!
  3. I've been ridding there (Red River Trails)for 15+ years and can't make it through some of those areas. David Knight shows up 2 years in a row and makes it look like a cake walk. He was awsome to watch (from the sidelines of course!).
  4. LOL. As long as you are happy with that. That's all that matters.
  5. Just an observation..... I've noticed the word "AIN'T" several times on this thread. Ain't.. —Usage note As a substitute for am not, is not, and are not in declarative sentences, ain't is more common in UNEDUCATED speech than in educated, but it occurs with some frequency in the informal speech of the educated, especially in the southern and south-central states. This is especially true of the interrogative use of ain't I? as a substitute for the formal and—to some—stilted am I not? or for aren't I?, considered by some to be ungrammatical, or for the awkward—and rare in American speech—amn't I? Some speakers avoid any of the preceding forms by substituting Isn't that so (true, the case)? Ain't occurs in humorous or set phrases: Ain't it the truth! She ain't what she used to be. It ain't funny. The word is also used for emphasis: That just ain't so! It does not appear in formal writing except for deliberate effect in such phrases or to represent speech. As a substitute for have not or has not and—occasionally in Southern speech—do not, does not, and did not, it is nonstandard except in similar humorous uses: You ain't heard nothin' yet!'t My helmet must prevent that slang from entering my brain.
  6. Why are you using how much money you make as a base for your defense? I'm not trying to fight with you but your kind of starting a "oh yeah! well..." argument. That's a whole other can of worms. You never know what others your sticking your chest out to do or make for a living. I have no problem with you being from Kentucky by the way. Nicky Hayden and the Corvette are from there so how bad can it be?
  7. Wish I could trade a $400.00 brace for my $12,349.00 (after insurance) hospital bill from breaking my neck in two places 3 years ago. I have the brace on order as well.
  8. That's why they're called ACCIDENTS instead of PURPOSES. You're not gonna mean to crash. If anything like you said at least a helmet would keep the grass out of your hair. If it wasn't for the attempted wheelies I bet most people wouldn't be so disappointed in your pics. At least you were having fun.
  9. Nice bikes everyone.
  10. That's pretty cool.
  11. Having a MySpace page is like having a Vanilla Ice CD. Everyone had one they just won't admit it. And yes I have one.
  12. I don't think that was a case. That was more along the lines of a yard-dart! Man that was a rough one. I hope he was ok after that.
  13. He got fired up when that "A" rider on the 65 passed him. Passed him back and really started to pick up the pace.
  14. Bike looks great! But the garage..... ummm...
  15. This will be interesting.