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  1. I had the same problem of the front wheel washing out on my 426. I also thought it was the tire. After changing to another tire that worked great on my other bike it still washed out. Checked my rear sag and sure enough it was way off. It had been lowered so the previous owners could touch the ground . Setting the sag correctly definately helped but it still didn't completely fix the problem. I started concentrating on my position on the bike and found that if I got way up on the tank it didn't wash out. With the WR tank it didn't feel natural to get up as far as I needed to go. Went ahead and bought a YZ tank and seat and voila, problem solved. Of course if I get lazy and don't move forward far enough it will still wash out. Good luck!
  2. ww2willys

    Trailtech endurance problems

    I had the same problem a couple of months ago too. An email response from Trailtech instructed me to program in half the diameter so instead of 2205 I used 1102. Worked perfect! Oh yeah, I also moved the sensor as far as I could but it did not make any difference. Good luck.