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  1. The Dirtbike review is a very fair assessment. of the FX. I'm on a 2014 KTM 300 XC now so the FX feels big and fat especially between the knees when standing. It grows on you quickly. The suspension out of the box is in one word amazing. It is worth the girth. Power is on point for off road. I only spent two hours on her and she is new. One hour break in and a hour of whoops, hills and sand in the west Utah desert, for the terrain. I think this bike will be hard to beat.
  2. Yamaha, WAITING!!!!!
  3. What kind of Bump? That doesn't sound good, haha.....
  4. Neoprene orthopedic sleeves with shin, knee guards.....Cheap and effective.
  5. Call Factory Connection. They do lifetime re-valve on their stuff. They'll be able to tell you what to do.
  6. I ran the Factory Connection remote in 2010 in hare and hound series. I couldn't tell the difference from well tuned suspension. I would spend my money elsewhere IMHO. I might still have it. I ran it on a 2009 Kx 450 but imagine it would fit all KYB stuff. I see you have a KX. Call Factory connection for cross reference if it"ll fit Ill make you a screaming deal on it. You could test it for yourself. PM me if interested.
  7. Wow, sitting here reading this. just found out my knee is jacked. Surgery again, ugh... acl, pcl ,mcl destroyed Dr. says 6 mo. if lucky back in the saddle. I to have been riding-racing since 8 yrs old now 48, I don't even want to tell you how many surgeries, but Pastrana would be challenged . Easier to tell you what hasn't been knifed and what doesn't hurt. But I have the Blood Pressure of a 19 year old ,lol. Oh then there is the Nay sayers always poking at you getting busted up as they are injury free, but on high blood pressure meds or other issues. I've been in the sell it all mode more times than I can count. Even done it a few times, only to buy faster better modded stuff later, Bonus. Downside I lost money on the sales and it cost dearly on the purchase. I have three kids 14,12,9. all of them race desert and Im not a good spectator So not an option to watch. My 12 yr old has already broken a leg and an arm, Its not if, its when.Is our motto .I don't know how were going to get through financially, but we will...we always do. lots of overtime when I get healthy,ramen dinners etc.... For me riding is living. Every man has to live,or whats the point.. Good luck on your choice. Ridingislikecrack, says it all in your name bud. I am sorry to hear your plight. But super inspiring words. Life will always sort things out, good luck to you as well.
  8. You just paid for the factory connection race rig to fuel up, And Larocco to do a few more test laps at Milestone, LOL....
  9. Long before Twin air and bio degradable filter oil and MMI. There was the uni weenie filter and leaded gas for cleaner and two stroke was the filter lube of choice. Just saying.....
  10. Ordered the 2012 500 xc-w today expensive, OUCH!!!!!!. I have never spent this kind of money on a bike. Dirt Bike magazine reports that the 450 xc-w is the bike that all other offroad bikes will be measured from,and photos dont do it justice, Bold statements. We will see.I thought the Husaberg was a great looking bike. I just cant do the extreme engineering thing just yet. I almost ordered the EXC but Im afraid it will not be as good for enduros. I will just get the barely legal street kit for it I will let you know how it works out. Providing I survive the rest of the night. Mad Wife Syndrome.....
  11. Supercross

    I think you said it all, Thes dudes put their cape on and fly the keyboard. This is a great sx season one of the best Ive seen. Who ever wins it earned it....
  12. That was really good.
  13. Nice! What year is she? Im thinkin Im in for the trials thing. Im looking at a 2005 2.9 are they a good bike?
  14. Nice pictures,did your friend find the dent in his pipe at the trials meet? It looks like some pipe smashing stuff. And after riding trials on a offroad bike, is he wanting a trials bike?
  15. Supercross

    The exposure of supercross generates a ton of revenue. It trickles down to every one involved. Plus the riders like it better. Your not fighting the dust wind heat ruts 3'deep. 40 plus minutes worth. Only mud and snow in a few sx events.