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  1. Went to: M3EW-2 170 main 42 pilot 85-90 degree, 2500'. Pilot was borderline lean. AS was set at 3/4 turn. Rest felt great.
  2. Suggestion?
  3. Currently running: N3EW-2 178 main 48 pilot loads up on single track, but works ok on a MX track.
  4. temps from 60-90 degrees.
  5. Bone Stock 2011, jetting advice for summer use, 3000'-6000'. Thanks
  6. Did a little testing last Saturday......I saw a little because I was having too much fun testing to monkey with much. First I rode a moto with my existing jetting. Then I switched to: NECW/3 - Suzuki needle 170 - main jet Then I realized I did not have a screw driver sized for removing the pilot jet. Crap. I tried the set up with the existing unknown sized pilot. From 1/4 throttle on up it rocked. Traction was prime and I was charging on the track. As the day went on....the track went away and I was getting tired. I was coming out of corners a bit softer and noticed a bit of a hiccup between 1/8 and 1/4 throttle. Not a bod.....more like a surge or pipe bang. I messed with the air screw without any change. Overall still really pleased with the bike. Adapting well. After riding my old KTM and a 2017 Husky.....I miss the Hydro clutch......or at least the easier clutch pull. Any suggestions on lightening it up on the YZ?
  7. Finally took a look at what jetting is in it. N3EW-2 178
  8. Weld it.
  9. That is more than I thought. I did not start racing in North Dakota until 1996.
  10. It is a Garmin Cycling Computer. Tracks laps times, total time riding, etc.
  11. Not a whole lot of tracks around back then. How much weight does the GYTR add?
  12. Dakota Motocross in Jamestown.
  13. Thanks guys. Yea when I looked at it in pictures on Craigslist I was skeptical, but when I saw it in person it was the real deal. Clean and unmolested.
  14. The only real changed I did right off the bat was to install some Fast Co Flex bars. I have not had a 250 2 stroke since 2006, when I had a KTM 250 XC. The power of the YZ surprised me at first. I could see where it could easily get me into trouble once I got tired. The revalved suspension from EVO was magic. The previous owner was close to my size and it seemed to work great. We reset the sag to 105mm and I immediately felt at home on it. I am way to out of shape at this point to fiddle with much........just need some seat time. After the first night on it I order a G2 throttle tube and installed it with the 300 cam. Huge improvement. The thing runs soo good I have not even looked at what is in it for jetting. Runs nice and crisp throughout the throttle range. Next step will be a FWW I think. I had a Rekluse in the 250F, and it has taught me some bad habits. I am having an issue with stalling it coming into corners. Getting on the brakes before I have the clutch in far enough. Working through that.....but I think the FWW will help the stalling and tame the hit even more. Really happy with the amount of power everywhere. Bike has a 49t on it. Was thinking a 50t would help me use 3rd a little more.