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  1. jpsm

    Vintage races Beer and Food $10 !

    They just got more European champs to race. Its going to be a huge party!
  2. jpsm

    Brad Lackey Nor Cal Classic!!

    More Riders And Bikes For Sale!
  3. jpsm

    Vintage races Beer and Food $10 !

    They Added More Stuff And Raised The Price To $12. Still Dirt Cheap.
  4. jpsm

    Brad Lackey Nor Cal Classic!!

    $12 Now. Still A Bargain!
  5. Brad Lackey AHRMA Vintage MX Series By Brad Lackey Tuesday, January 20, 2009 Brad Lackey Bad Brad is getting geared up for his annual Nor Cal Classic. If vintage motocross racing is your thing, be sure to check it out in March. Hey boys and girls! Bad Brad Lackey here with a little info on a special race coming up that I am promoting in northern California on March 28 and 29, 2009; the 4th Annual Nor Cal Classic. This year, this race will be a new concept for the AHRMA (American Historic Racing Motorcycle Association) race organization, but with a tried and true format that has been around since the mid-‘60s. We will call it Vintage Am, after its predecessors Inter Am, which ran from 1965-1972, and the Trans Am series, which ran from 1970 to about 1982. The concept is simple, Americans against Europeans in head-to-head competition in a two-moto format. As an added bonus it will be a two-race series. The first race is at the classic old school track of Sand Hill Ranch in beautiful Brentwood, California on the above dates. The second race is being held the next weekend, April 4 and 5, in the east Texas town of Jefferson at the famous Diamond Don’s Riverport National. Many things make these two races special, but with a motocross World Champion on both the American and European teams, you will be watching the best in the world competing against each other along with national champs from both sides of the pond. If you own a vintage bike and want to come race there is a variety of classes you can enter. Check out www.ahrma.org for more details about the race. And if racing is not your thing but spectating and meeting the pioneers of motocross are, then you want to put one or both of these races on your calendar. The AHRMA Legends Group will be honoring the Vintage Am team, comprised of: Europeans: Graham Noyce, 1979 500cc World Champion and Team Captain Thorleif Hansen, 1978 250cc Vice World Champion Herbert Schmitz, multi-time German National Champion Lars Larson, Inter Am and Trans Am veteran. Americans: Danny Laporte, 1982 250cc World Champion and Team Captain Gary Jones, 1972 Inter Am Champion, multi-time 250cc National Champion, Chuck Sun, 1980 500cc National Champion, MX Des Nations Champ, Bill Silverthorn, Inter Am and Trans Am veteran and Baja winner. With these racing legends, the action will be legendary. You can count on it! Don’t forget to bring your Sharpies for autographs because there will be many more champions in attendance including Dick Mann, Marty Tripes, Tommy Croft, Donnie Hansen, Doug Grant, Donnie Cantaloupi and more. Brad Lackey Racing Lackey is an old-time speedster himself. Here he races for Suzuki. But wait, there's more! In addition to the first annual Vintage Am, there is a full weekend featuring a two day AHRMA National Vintage MX. That’s right! Double your AHRMA points at one location. This is the 4th annual Nor Cal Classic and our vintage bike show and swap meet has grown over the past few years so there is plenty to see and buy. And, as always, the free Saturday night BBQ with live music and dancing has been a big hit with the ladies, as has the European beer tent with all the guys. Once again Harvey Imports, a Czech beer and wine importer, will sponsor all that great free Czech beer and wine. This year the tent will have a little more European feel since there will be real Europeans! Come on out to hear their great racing stories! Our sponsors to date are: AHRMA Legends Group McGuire Harley Davidson Harvey Imports Motion Pro Cycle Gear Scott Cycle News Moto USA Dunlop Works Shocks Arai Hope to see you there! Brad Lackey For more information about Brad Lackey's Nor Cal Classic contact Brad at bradlackey@comcast.net or call 1-925-939-9105. Visit www.bradlackey.com.
  6. Click on link for the poster. World class vintage racing,food and beer for $10. What could be better? Tell your friends and see you there!
  7. jpsm

    Camping in Eureka?

    Thank you guys for all the help. This site is awesome.I had people back out so I wont be taking the gas hog. I would love to car camp secluded but I will look into Hotel Arcata as well.There are some tickets left so if you are in the area go watch the fights at Blue lakes casino.
  8. jpsm

    Camping in Eureka?

    Go Asylum!!!!
  9. jpsm

    Camping in Eureka?

    I am going to the cage fights in Bluelake and wondering if anyone knows of good camping around that area. I will be in a 28' motorhome and hate parking lot camping.
  10. I Went About A Month Ago And I Have Never Seen A Busier Place. How Far Is Clear Creek From Walnut Creek?
  11. jpsm

    Anyone been to Fraink Rains lately?

    It was awesome today!! Major up hill traction and not to many people, I wish I could stay a couple more days!
  12. I was thinking of going tomorrow but I havent been in a while.Does it get crowded?
  13. jpsm

    Carnegie this weekend 12/23-24

    Is Carnegie open on XMAS? It was perfect today!!!!