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    leaded fuel+titanium valves=bad

    :mad: i herd that leaded fuel will strip off a protective coating they put on titanium valves and it will destroy:shocked: the valves. Is this true?
  2. jason higgins

    Oregon First chance poker run was very nice

    The poker was great. There was a lot people the sun was out. There was a lot of snow up high. The snow was tuff to ride in.
  3. jason higgins

    Oregon Poker Run ?

    I just was looking at trailsmen web site and I can not find a flYer for the poker run on Sunday. Is there going to be one? I plan on going but don't Want to go if there is not an event. Can some one confirm this?
  4. jason higgins

    Poker Run ?

    I called the number on the web site and no answer.
  5. jason higgins

    Poker Run ?

    Well That sucks
  6. jason higgins

    Poker Run ?

    I hope they go. Do you know were the snow level is?
  7. I have never been to a poker run and i was just wondering what to expect there i love to ride and it sounds like fun. Do i need to fuel up in the middle of the ride? will there be a lot of pepole? Is the hard loop really difficult? Do you win money?
  8. jason higgins

    any one going to the poker run at lyda camp?

    thanks for the info. Sounds like i will do the hard loop.
  9. jason higgins

    bike will not idle when hot

    I have a 02 crf 450r. The bike will start fine and idle fine untill it is hot. Then will not idle. i have checked the valves played with the jetting played with leak jetting i checked the vent on the gas tank took to dealership and spent lots of money on a fresh rebuld I think it is electrical. I think it is the CDI module. has anyone had this problem i am ready to sell the bike.
  10. my bike has a miss and is hard to start when hot I have checked my valeves and the deconpresion lever. I just hadmy head done if that has any thing to do with it. it is a 2002 crf450r
  11. jason higgins

    bike has a miss and hard to start when hot.

    its a high reving miss but it is not really bad.
  12. jason higgins

    Which Can Chain Tensioner Should I get?

    I put an 2005 in my 02
  13. jason higgins

    fmf ti4 and power bomb header?

    I am having trouble trying to jet my bike. It is a 2002 crf 450r with a fmf ti4 and a bower bomb header. I have put in a 190 main jet and a 48 pilot jet and it seems to be still popping at full throttle That seems like a big jet over stock should i go bigger or is their something els wrong.
  14. jason higgins

    Advice: Asphalt rider going for the dirt.

    just take it easy for a while. It is always nice to have lots of power as you know with a RC51. I ride a gsxr 750 and a 800 ski doo snowmobile. You do not have to ride full throttle all of the time.
  15. jason higgins

    Anyone been to Longview MX recently?

    hey i know this is not what you want to hear but is that a good place to go? Do you have to pay? I am a trail rider and i have a beginner rider is it cool for her?
  16. jason higgins

    browns camp report

    There where a lot of trails still closed for the wet season. There were a lot of people and know were to ride. Does any one know of a good area to take the kids on PW 50s to ride on trails that is not really far from Portland? not more than a hour drive. Has any one been up to Joan's creek in Washington? How is that for the little ones? It has been a long time since i have been up there and it was a little tough for the pw's.
  17. jason higgins

    fmf titanium 4 question

    I have a 2002 crf450r with a white bros carbon pro system on the bike and i just bought the fmf titanium 4 with the fmf power bomb header. Will i need to change my jetting? I bought the bike with the carbon pro on it and i want to ride in the woods.
  18. jason higgins

    is your silencer off?

    I am having a problem. I bought a pro circuit silencer off of ebay and it will not fit. The mounting holes are off by a lot. Can any one tell me the measurement between the mounting holes on the silencer? It would help me out a lot if i could find out what year it belongs to. Thanks
  19. jason higgins

    help what dose it go to

    I bought a pro curcuit silencer TYPE 496 off of ebay and it dose not fit my 02 cfr 450r. the mesurerment on the mounting holes is 10" apart. Can any one tell me what years it might fit. I know my 02 is 14" apart.