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  1. Fullspeed

    Kid chaser?

    Okay, buying my 6 year old daughter a little quad next week, probably a TRX 90 or similar. She can't balance on two wheels yet. Will be a neighborhood cruiser for a while, but once she gets comfy on it and my neighbors tire of us we'll move to off road. Trying to decide what I should get for myself to putt around with her. I've ridden my whole life, some motocross until the daughter was born, and since then many miles on the road. I earn a commission based income so now that I'm supporting a fam I can't risk a serious injury and medical bills. So, I'd love a 450F but that would inevitably lead me back to the track which would eventually put me into the hospital. That'd also mean a whole lot of stop and go on the trail or dunes as my daughter could in no shape or form hang with me. A 250F? Still too much of a good thing, and I wouldn't be able to restrain myself on it. I'm a grown a$$ man, 40 years old, 6'2" and 200#. Thinking maybe a little thumper pit bike, though not overly tiny due to my length. I don't want to deal with Chinese junk. Maybe a CRF150F? KLX 110? Or neither because I'll look like a circus bear riding a bicycle? Any dads out there who can let me know what they ride with their little kiddos? Could do another little quad, but not really my style.
  2. Fullspeed

    best sport quad for montana trails

    Sounds like a TRX 450 to me. There's no beating Honda reliability. Stock power is decent, and can be excellent with a few mods.
  3. Fullspeed

    YFZ-R or X?

    I'm torn. I'm looking to buy a sport ATV, and like the new YFZ. I'll probably be doing about 45% trails, 45% MX, and 10% dunes (variety - one of the best things about living in Oregon!). Looks like either of these machines would be great, though I can't determine which one is the better fit for me. I like the width of the R for the track, but not for the trails. I like the idea of the more linear power of the X for most anywhere I'd ride. From what I'm reading the R will probably bother me more on the trail than the X will bother me on the track. Also, I see Yamaha is offering $500 cash back on the R right now, and $1000 back on the X. Has anyone bought one of these lately, and what was your out the door price?
  4. Fullspeed

    four-stroke 50cc quad?

    Hi Basalt, I'm in the same boat; my daughter is 3 and I'm ready to get her out in the dirt (and away from her Barbies and princess dresses). I've been disappointed with what I've seen - the Suzuki Quadsport Z50, the Yamaha Raptor 50, and the Polaris Outlaw 50 all seem to get scathingly poor reviews from the poppas who've bought them. I've been using www.powersportsnetwork.com for my info - seems to have reviews available for most anything on the market. The overwhelming complaint is how slow these machines are. Yes a throttle limiter is great for a newby, but these are all awfully slow (top speed 12mph) so a kid will quickly get bored w/ them. The Polaris Outlaw 50 is built in Taiwan, not in the USA with the rest of their models - and I've read that quality seems to be very suspect for a $2000 machine (more comparable to the China offerings). It's occurring to me that there is a gap in this market segment, and none of the manufacturers seem very intent on addressing it (or taking advantage of it). Maybe the little quads are popular enough that parents are willing to accept their shortcomings any buy them anyway? I'd also guess that a lot of people buy them without doing much research. After reading what I've read, I'm not going to make that mistake. I don't want to wait for my little girl to grow into an 80cc or a 90cc before getting started, so my only other choice is to be old school. If I can find a serviceable old Honda ATC 70 or a Yamaha Tri Zinger, I'll buy it. Those little trikes were fast enough that a kid could get a few years of enjoyment out of them.
  5. Fullspeed

    Wanted: DRZ SM in Oregon

    I'm looking for a nice used DRZ SM in the Portland Oregon area. Modded a plus, preferrably low miles. Must be in great shape. I've got some $ burning a hole in my pocket.
  6. Fullspeed

    Finding the perfect supermoto - help?

    I too am ready to buy my 1st supermoto, and I've been on here doing a lot of research. Unfortunately for us it seems that the craze hasn't yet prompted the manufacturers to give us many street legal options (here in Oregon we cannot license anything that isn't street legal from the factory). I chose the new KTM 690 Supermoto. It's not here yet, so I hope I made a good choice. Tempting was the Husqvarna SM610 - but there aren't many dealers around me so I'd be out of luck if it ever broke down. If your budget is rigid then the DR-Z supermoto should top your list. It's no rocketship but can be made decently fun w/ an extra $500 worth of mods. Lots of them around & they're reliable bikes. I really wanted to like the KTM 625MC, but was a little turned off on it after a test ride. Many people bring up the vibration felt from the LC4 engine, and it did bother me on this bike. Great power though if you can get past that - plus the added benefit of being able to put some dirt wheels on it & do some real offroading. Man it felt tall to me though...and I am 6'2". Check the used bike market in San Diego. You should have a ton of options available to you. Get out and ride some of them & buy the one that makes you smile.
  7. Thanks for the report, jazon6. I'm jealous; we still don't have our 690s yet over here in the US. Sounds like it'll be worth the wait though.
  8. Fullspeed

    supermoto which bike

    Move up to the big bore class where there is less emphasis on the bike & more emphasis on guts? Sounds like you want more hp than a 250 offers.
  9. Fullspeed

    DRZ 400sm Help!!!

    I'm in the market for a supermoto, and the DR-Z is one of the bikes that I've tested. From the standpoints of cost, ease of maintenance, parts availability, and used bike availabilty it can't be beat. What turned me away though is that I personally felt that the bike just isn't as fun as it looks. The one that I rode was heavily modded, too. It had enough power to get around, though I didn't feel it had enough to capture the hooligan essence of supermotoing. To compete w/ other brands (i.e. KTM, Husqvarna, Aprilllia, etc) as a 'true supermoto' they really need to base the bike off of a RM-Z, or at least not water down the offroad specific DR-Z for this useage. To its' credit, the bike felt relatively light. It was smooth & comfortable. Quality seemed adequate. Dependability should be as good as any other make. I wouldn't spend a lot of time on the freeway with it due to lack of displacement. While not sexy per se, the bike can look cool w/ some inexpensive mods. For me, it just didn't get my blood pumping. For you, it depends on what you're looking for. I certainly wouldn't tell someone not to buy one, as I thought it was a decent little bike.
  10. Fullspeed

    About to Buy a Husqvarna 610sm anything to watch 4

    Congrats, Wackyd. That is one of the finer looking bikes ever made, in my book. Have a fun Sunday & I'll let you know when I receive my KTM 690 Supermoto so we can go make some trouble.
  11. Fullspeed

    About to Buy a Husqvarna 610sm anything to watch 4

    I'm from Oregon, too (Portland). I've also got a SM on order, but it's Austrian not Swiss. I love Huskies & once has a 350 dual sport. The 610 looks hot. Lack of dealers in my area made me want to go KTM instead, so I'm waiting for my new 690 to get here. Wackyd & Ivor237a: I'd like to meet up w/ you fellas sometime for a ride & compare notes on the good places around here to get the best use of a Supermoto. I plan to do some light offroading on mine.
  12. Fullspeed

    where is everyone riding this weekend???

    100% streets for me this weekend. My new Supermoto hasn't arrived yet. Sigh.
  13. Fullspeed

    Modern dual sport and offroad

    Get the right tool for the job. If you're not gonna leave the street, then don't get a streetable dirt bike. My 1st bike was a Ducati Monster 750 & it was a blast. For $4K it's tough to beat. I do feel your pain. I have a baby on the way (Dec) so I just sold the MX bike & have a Supermoto on order. Not much safer, but I can still ride it when I've only got an hour in my day to spare.
  14. I've got a 690 Supermoto on the way, should be here very soon. Has anyone ridden a 690 yet? Yes the bike is ugly but the performace allegedly more than makes up for it. I'm just hoping that the bike lives up to its' billing. Let me know if you've ridden one & what you thought.
  15. Fullspeed

    Washougal Wednesday

    Probably a few $G's. If you were able to round up 80 riders or so, it would pencil. Maybe talk to your favorite bike shop about organizing it. I'm sure you could get some forum members to attend, too (ME!). You could also ride a private lesson there w/ Ryan Huffman. I don't know the cost of that either, but here's their website; http://www.washougalmx.com/