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  1. booch

    Can I handle a 250F

    My son is 14, he is 5' 10 and 135 lbs and moved onto a 250F from a CRF 150 and he has no problems, in fact he can ride the 250 better.
  2. Are michelin sizes different than other tires? I have a spare starcross mh2 rear tire 110/90/19 that someone gave me that I want to use to replace the 120/80/19 M12 that I have on now. Is this going to work and what difference will I notice. I also have a spare front tire that I also was given a M12 90/90/21 but I currently have a MH2 80/100/21 on. I am thinking I should run the MH2 on front and back. Where I ride is everything from sand to rock and roots. Suggestions?
  3. booch

    yzf 450 vs 250- heavy steering?

    I should have been more specific, I have a 04 250 and am looking at a 04 450
  4. I ride a YZF 250 now but have been looking at buying a friends 450 and giving my son my 250. I heard the power was supposed to be unmanageable unless you are a pro. Well I am about as far from a pro as you can get but I found no problem with the power at all. What I did find is that the steering seems a little slower and heavier in the front end in general. Is this normal for this bike? Anyone ridden both and can compare?