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  1. Hey, i own a 2003 yz250fr and havent done any maintenance but oil changes,filter cleaning. i know its bad that is the only things iv done since the 8 months iv rode it:bonk: . so i rode it hard and fast one day and it ran great, go to start it the next day to go for a little trail ride and noticed that the kicker isn't as hard to kick as it should be. being me i just started it up and took off. while i was riding it i noticed after about half throttle it rev's normal and sound like it should but the wheel spin isn't. so i rode it home and parked it. Im ready to take the motor in to the shop but i don't know what to tell them i want done. if you can tell me what to tell them that would be great thanks.
  2. butler239

    01 cannondale 400mx

    well, im buying a 01 mx400 cannondale for 1000 on ebay and i was wondering if im makeing a mistake becuase i cant find parts anywhere. its so cheap becuase its not running it starts up but then chokes up and stalls. the guy im buying it from said that he heard that people with his same bike replaced the fuel filter and fuel lines with bigger ones. tell me what you think thanks