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  1. How many miles do you have on it now? What kind of maintence have you done to this point? I'm going to be running less mile than you per year, with about the same commute. I planning 1-2 times a week during the good season. I'm a whimp and my street bikes have alway been put away through the rough San Diego winters...
  2. How long ago was reliability an issue with KTM's. This is the stuff that I heard about back a couple years ago, and it steered me away from a KTM show room until recently. I really liked what I saw last week when I dropped in. Are the head/valve issues straighted out now from the factory, or would I end up reworking it like your buddy did. I confuse easily... Is there any lingering issues that KTM hasn't worked out as of '05? 450x has slipped off the list, the DRZ is back on. This is too bad, I was a die hard Red Rider since I was a wee little guy razing hell on a balloon shod, 125 atc, 3 wheeler w/o suspension. Damn.....Remanicing now, hummm..... Ok...I'm over it...That was fast.
  3. Is this the KTM recommended interval? Honda recommends a piston and rings every 20 hrs on the 450x correct? What does the Suzuki and Yamaha recommend? I don't ride the cr250 on the freeway because she isn't comfortable at those speeds. I used it as an example of what I don't want to do again. If I recall Honda recommended a ring change at 20-30 hrs, or every couple of races? I did it at season 4 (Read 4 years) with 2-3 Glamis trips on it every month. Oil was changed every trip and it needed it. I went a little long on the rings but not by much. The ring change did improve power but I don't think I was on the verge of having one let go and total the top end. With that said, I think the Honda Factory Ring change recommendation was overly conservative on my CR250. Are the Factory recommendations overly conservative on these 4 bangers as well?
  4. I stand corrected. Were did I get the 4 spd from?
  5. The bike would see a majority of off road, Dunes, or the PCT. I'm worried about the commute and the occasional, once/twice a year, 200 mile jaunt to AZ for fun. I'd hit the dirt for the weekend once I was there. The ability to ride to work and on the street is more justification and rationalizing on my part. Shoot if I can commute to work on it, when the weather is beautiful, then why not buy it?... I hate the feeling of showing up at work looking at my buddie's street bike and wishing I still had mine. I've rulled out the 650l and other street oriented bikes.
  6. Which bike would require the most maintenance? 450x, WR or the Exc. Could I go 5000miles w/o a valve adjustment? 3k miles for an oil change, right? Isn't the DRZ a 4 spd? I guess a better question would be; What's the final drive ratio on each bike? The fact that its only a 4 spd wouldn't be a huge issues on the street if the final drive was tall enough.
  7. I'm looking for sombody who has experience running thier Wide Ratio Bike for 70mph freeway jaunts. I converted my CR250 and made it street legal. Even after the reagearing, I can't do 70mph on the freeway for any length of time w/o feeling I'm killing the bike. She's just to strung out at these speeds. Am I kidding myself thinking that I could commute on a wide ratio 4 stroke, and use it to visit the inlaws every now and then on a ride from San Diego to Yuma? I'm also looking to do a Continental Divide trip or the PCT next summer on it. I'm heavily leaning twords the KTM 525 exc because of the 6spd vs the 5 spd when compared to the Japanese bikes. I'm also thinking the Honda x is just to fragile and needs too much maintence with full Piston and Rings way too often. I can deal with an occasional valve adjustment and regular oil and filter changes, but a full overhaul isn't something I have time for every 1/2 season. I'm under the impression the Yamaha has a longer overhaul interval and the KTM is even longer than the Yamahas. Sean