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  1. elchulo

    Anyone manually adjusted the suspension?

    Thanks! Let me know what you do to the bike, what parts you use, and how much it all costs. I have already dropped about $600 into the bike for a new exhaust and to rejet it. Upgrading the suspension in the future is possible, just now I am tight after buying the bike and upgrades. I look forward to hearing your results.
  2. elchulo

    Anyone manually adjusted the suspension?

    Wow, thanks for all of the replies. I appreciate all of the advise. I will take it easy and make slow adjustments as you advise.
  3. Disclaimer: I am a total newb when it comes to bikes. I just got a 2006 DRZ-400S. I read in the manual that you can manually adjust the stiffness of the forks and rear suspension, and was wondering if many people have messed with them? I weigh about 190, so I was thinking of possibly setting them to the stiffest settings possible. The manual states that the factory settings on the forks are like 16 clicks...whatever that means. Any advise? I don't think I want to drop a lot of cash on new suspension stuff. I plan on doing 95% offroad riding, with bigger and bigger jumping as I get experienced. Thanks all.