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  1. Paper Tiger

    Smoke out of exhaust after oil change

    The fan will come on after coming back from a ride and letting it idle for a bit. It was simply used as a test because that's when it seemed to start smoking on that occasion. Otherwise it never comes on unless I purposely make it. But, I do ride the out of this thing. Lots of tight canyons and freeway commuting. Pretty much the worst you can throw at it. I'm not terribly surprised that it already died. But I wish it would have gone a few thousand more miles.
  2. Paper Tiger

    Smoke out of exhaust after oil change

    It's back
  3. Paper Tiger

    Smoke out of exhaust after oil change

    Well it seems that the Rotella T 5w-40 is just too thin for my bike now. We figure that once the bike was very hot, and the oil reached it's thinest viscosity it was seeping past the rings. I've been running this oil for the last few changes, and all of my engines for the last couple of years. But, it seems as though it's time to move on to something thicker, at least for this engine. Rotella 15-w-40 it is! We also went ahead and checked the valves which I was a bit worried about. I'm happy to report they we're in spec! The spark plug didn't have oil all over it which was a good sign. Everything in the engine looked great! The exhaust was a bit on the tight side, but within spec for sure. Something to definitely check out in a few thousand miles though and see if they have moved. It was a hell of a lot easier to do than I thought it would be. After buttoning her back up with a new spark plug and a belly full of fresh Rotella 15-40 oil I started her up and took her around the block. After getting "fan on" hot at idle after the cruise NO SMOKE! Big thanks to my friends even though I know they don't read this forum heh! Couldn't have done it without them. It's great to have good buds!
  4. Paper Tiger

    Smoke out of exhaust after oil change

    Well it's still smoking After riding around for a good 5 minutes I brought it in and at idle blipping the throttle blueish smoke is coming out. I also just checked the inside of the exhaust and it's all oily. So it is oil, and not the head gasket. It only seems to do this when it's nice and hot though, like fan on hot. This morning after it sitting all night at idle it wasn't smoking. But after heating up it was. Soo piston rings? Valves? The bike's got about 10,000 miles on it. ...
  5. Paper Tiger

    Smoke out of exhaust after oil change

    Let's keep our fingers crossed! Thanks 000ShaDoW000! So as a side note. When properly filled, where should the oil be on the stick? Do you measure just dipping the stick in, or measure by screwing it in?
  6. Paper Tiger

    Smoke out of exhaust after oil change

    but where is it?
  7. Paper Tiger

    Smoke out of exhaust after oil change

    Yeah I drained both completely. I know, I usually change the oil filter along with the oil but this time nobody had one in stock and I was going on a long ride. I figured I might as well just go ahead and change it before the trip. I think I overfilled it a bit last time, so maybe by putting to much in this time as well without filling changing the filter it was just way to much for it to handle. The weird thing as I was saying is that it didn't start smoking until after the trip. Though my friends did say they smelt burning oil a few times. The oil isn't foamy, so there's not water getting into there. Nor is there oil in the radiator. So it doesn't seem to be a blown head gasket. When you put your hand in the smoke your skin feels a bit oily after. So where is this "oil check bolt"? The only bolts i know of are the frame and case drains.
  8. I did an oil change today and put in about 1.8qts without changing the filter. After getting home from a 300mile ride today I noticed quite a bit of smoke coming out of the exhaust. Did I put in to much oil? The isn't milky so I don't think it's the head gasket. Though I can't tell the color of the smoke at night. But it seems to be more blueish, and the smoke smells oily. I checked the dip stick and the oil level was above a bit above the hash marks which seems high, especially after just shutting it off. The exhaust seems to have a white residue. Soo anyone have any ideas? I hope I just put to much oil and it's not a big deal. But it seems weird that it didn't do it right away, only after the ride Any help would be much appreciated.
  9. Paper Tiger

    Running hi beam @ day time = pro vs. con?

    I ride with my high beams on all of the time. Even at night the DRZ lamp doesn't seem angled high enough to get right in peoples eyes. On my other bikes I've been flashed during the night with high beams on. After months on the DRZ it hasn't happened once. The DRZ lamp sucks. You can't see 10 feet in front of you at night with low beams. Is there a way to mod it so that both High and Low are used on High and only High is used on Low? If there was a way to do this, would it overheat or fry something?
  10. Paper Tiger

    Batteries other than OEM Yuasa?

    Fairly sure that's a Yuasa. It seems like a Yuasa product code.
  11. Paper Tiger

    SMJ down?

    word, same
  12. Paper Tiger

    tube question on Pilot Powers

    Use a tube. Your rims are not sealed, and will not hold air pressure. There are kits to make them tubeless at $100. Or home brewed solutions using silicone. Not sure on this. Today will actually be my first time changing out a tubed tire. Is it the best practice to replace the tube along with the tire? No. They should offer better prices.
  13. Paper Tiger

    Forest has DR-Z swingarm decal !

    Those are cool, I think I'll get a pair
  14. Paper Tiger

    320 wave & pads fitness issue

    Are those just standard washers? Did they come with the kit? How many extra inches of line did you need to add?
  15. Paper Tiger

    HELP, I need a 6 amp diode for my Blitz light!

    He's in Canada, they don't have radio shack. But I imagine they must have something like it. Also try going to an electrical warehouse type store. There's gotta be one in your city, kind of a junky hole in the wall type of place. They'll have diodes.