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  1. I have a 150cc scooter with the GY6 clone engine. I received it in the crate and assembled it myself. When I went to start the machine it was running really rich. I then noticed gas in my oil. I changed the oil and it has not happened since. However, it still was running rich. I got a new carb from the manufacturer and when I replaced it I still have the same symptoms. When you start it up it wont idle and it blows white smoke. I put my hand over the exhaust it was covered in fuel. I have checked the machine over for any pinched lines or blocked vacuums. It sounds like a carb issue, but with the new carb on I cant believe the symptoms would be the same. Anyone have any suggestions please help.
  2. NorCal620

    Gas coming out of exhaust on four stroke

    Thanks for the info. I will give that a shot
  3. NorCal620

    Gas coming out of exhaust on four stroke

    sounds like that will do it! let me get right on that.
  4. NorCal620

    Gas coming out of exhaust on four stroke

    I was thinking the same thing. I must have received a faulty carb when I got the new one. And yes, I did check the oil and there was gas in it. Thats when I ordered a new carb. When I replaced the carb I changed the oil, obviously, and now my oil is fine, however I am still running rich. There are no other possibilities?
  5. I have a chinese 150cc scooter. It seems to be running really rich. Rich enough to have raw fuel coming out of the exaust. I have already diagnosed the carb not to be the problem. Not only did I clean it, I replaced it with a new one. I can get the bike to run, not idle, but it continues to blow white smoke and when I put my hand over the exaust it was covered in fuel:foul: . I have checked the valve clearance also, and it was okay. Anyone have any suggestions please help.
  6. NorCal620

    82 Kawi KDX 175

    Congrats! That bike will still be running when its considered vintage
  7. NorCal620

    Tt 600 91 Valve/tappet Settings

    yes they are checked cold. Im not sure the exact measurments but a good place to start would be .012 to .014" on the intake and .018 to .020" on exhuast, youll be able to hear the valves ticking if they are to loose.
  8. NorCal620

    IT 490 anyone with experience?

    Ive got a YZ490 and its the biggest piece of crap made, 3 rides 3 seizes, eats seals and detonates like a mother, the 465 is wayyyy better
  9. NorCal620

    Why is it that...

  10. NorCal620

    Best product to remove rust from tanks?

    After reading the posts and being an Ex-poolguy I had some muriatic acid laying around, tried it on a hodaka tank and it worked pretty well. you can get it at any pool supply store
  11. NorCal620

    rebuild project

    Heres a link with TONS of info and were to get parts http://www.3wheelerworld.com/index.shtml
  12. NorCal620

    My bike got snaked!!!

    Just checked the Suburban Machinery website and thems is perfect! Thanks Hop
  13. NorCal620

    My bike got snaked!!!

    Ive got Tag T2's on mine (cut way down) But Id also like something that bends down like a clip-on to throw on for a track day or something of that sort.
  14. NorCal620

    I admit it.....I once owned a.......

    WOW!! Those are worth Bukoo bucks these days
  15. NorCal620

    My bike got snaked!!!

    Hey Hop what kind of bars are those? They look perfect for my SV