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    Lifan (china) 200cc engine thread used on dual-sports

    Culcune, Thanks for the info about the links to the chineese bike forums and also the condolences. I am sure that I will be learning a lot from these forums, I allready have! I bought my boy one of 110 cc pit bikes from a deler in houston for 400 dollars in march 2005. I never tried it myself till I got it home, the darn thing will do about 55 MPH so needless to say I was not going to let my seven year old get on it, my mistake. This year on his birthday I bought him a 110cc atv, he loves it. He is almost big enough to ride the pit bike but I want him to decide when he is ready. I make him wear a helmet all the time, I did when I was eight and had my Hodaka 100. With the resurgence of some old bike makers I have been wondering if the Hodaka name will ever be revived...........Mechman5
  2. mechman5

    Lifan (china) 200cc engine thread used on dual-sports

    I have changed the oil once at approx 50 miles. I went to valvoline 10w-40 I have allways used it in my cars and trucks with good results. I will post a picture once I get one developed, I do not have a digital camera yet, still living in the stone age I suppose. I am now at approx 110 miles, maybe I should change the oil again. I want to eventually go to synthetic oil Mobil 1 or maybe Royal Purple but I did not want to do that untill after 500 miles, I want to make sure that the rings seat good before going to synthetic. I am still having problems with the headlight, it dims as the engine picks up RPM. I have been trying to figure out this electrical problem, the blinkers and the brake lights also cause the headlight to brighten. There was no assembly instructions with the bike when I opened the crate. I ordered bike fromn EVO sales but the bike was shipped to me from A&A scooters out of Dallas, Texas.Since I have had bikes most of my life starting at 8 years old and I am now 43 it was not too hard to figure out. I plugged in all the harness connectors and the headlight seems to be the only effected electrical component, it may be possible that it is searching for a ground, thus light brightens when brakes are activated, still scratching my head on this one. I just lost my neighbor and good friend due to a bike accident less than a mile from the house, he did not have his helmet on and an old lady pulled out in front of him, kind of put a damper on my riding lately. He was the guy who led me to this website. Gonna miss him!.....Mechman5
  3. mechman5

    Lifan (china) 200cc engine thread used on dual-sports

    I have found through surfing on this site that there are two different Lifan Engines one has the pushrod design like mine and the other is a OHC engine. My certificate of origin is from the Lifan factory and the VIN# does start with LF I would have preferred the OHC engine. I feel like I have a chinese Harley in essence, harleys still use the pushrod design. I suppose the noise will have to be lived with. I am still in the break in period having now gone 110 miles. The engine does seem to be smoothing out. I am still having a problem trying to get the bike registered here in Texas, it seems since my bike came in a crate and was delivered to my front door that the certificate of origin was never assigned to me by the dealer. I think once the certificate of origin is flied out by the dealer that everything will go through the DMV. Geico my insurance carrier had no problem with insuring the bike and said that it was on there list of approved asian motorcycles. Thanks for the info....MECHMAN5
  4. mechman5

    Lifan (china) 200cc engine thread used on dual-sports

    I just purchased a Lifan 200 enduro and when setting the valves discovered that it was a pushrod engine. The engine makes a lot of tapping noise even after properly setting valve gap to proper specs. I have never owned a pushrod engine on a motorcycle and was wondering if the tapping noise was just the way a pushrod engine should sound. I was also wondering if anyone has a similar bike and did they have success getting it registered for the street. Bike model is a LF200GY-5.