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  1. Supercross

    I don't think it's Zach's bike. He races for BikeIT and I don't see any of their or any of his other sponsors on that bike. The twitter pic is probably just a troll pic.
  2. I never really see videos of Ricky riding anymore. I see a ton of McGrath though. I wonder if Nascar has something in Ricky's contract about riding.
  3. strap on helmets and ride? It would be cool to see McGrath and Carmichael rip around the track at least for a parade lap.
  4. Supercross

    You mean this pic? http://twitpic.com/6zzyoq
  5. I live in Bethlehem, PA. Looking to find some riding partners as well. i have a wr250f and am looking at joining tower city again. any of you guys interested in that?
  6. Spoke with them today. And GaryC you are correct guests need a member to sponsor them. I tried to push them a little about it as I was a member previously but to no avail. I might just have to show up there Saturday and see if I can pigtail off of someone! Do you guys have a campsite or do you just park up on the ridge? Jake
  7. I emailed them today. I will post there answer on guest riding when I receive it. Is anyone going up this Saturday that could sponsor a guest? Thanks
  8. i just moved back up north from florida. used to be a member of tower city. can i ride there on a daily pass or do i need to do the annual membership? i am dieing to go riding, haven't been out once this year. i ride a wr250f. anyone else looking to hit the tower this saturday?
  9. is lost trails a registered/insured bike place only? or can i ride a wr250f there? thanks
  10. if you guys are into hitting tower city this weekend let me know 9/29/07. i hate riding solo. jake