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  1. jsmooz

    Clutch Basket Replacement

    carters2 - I am referring to the gear on the basket. The big one, not the gear that presses into the basket. I have confirmed, by removing the case side, that everything is correctly meshing so I don't need any more pics. Thanks.
  2. jsmooz

    Clutch Basket Replacement

    Anyone done a clutch basket replacement? I'm putting a Hinson in and want to double check my work. I forgot to take a picture before I removed the drive gear (that meshes with the crank) from the stock basket. Anyone got a picture they can share? I want to make sure I put it on the proper direction.
  3. I raced last year and had a blast. That's coming from an enduro guy. Very friendly, but challenging track. I'll be there Sunday to spectate as the vantage points are great.....riding the ski lift along the rhythm section last year was real cool.
  4. jsmooz


    Anyone know if Ron Hamp (RHC) is still rebuiding? I've tried email and calling the shop the last few days to no answer. He did a great job with my head last time, looking to go with him again.
  5. jsmooz

    D-14 Rule Change for Enduros?

    Keep an eye on the event flyers. Some event require you to keep time and some are 'National' style, aka resets, were you don't have to keep time. The reset events tend to let you focus on just riding your pace. If you like that, then try a timed event. You'll have to think more about the speed you should have and what your actually running. I suggest hitting up the Jack Pine. It was my first event because I couldn't resist being a part of the longest running enduro in the country. It's a National again this year which means reset format, and potential to get passed by a pro if you pick an early row like me. Remember, either way you get to ride single track trail that is only available for the event, so have fun.
  6. jsmooz

    Deep snow, brakes freeze, how to cure?

    Try zip-tying some closed cell foam around them. This does increase the chance something can grab the calipers and cause you to go down.
  7. jsmooz

    Who's Got The Oldest (working) Bike?

    Here's another 70's Suzuki that 'doesn't run.' 78 RM125 that hauls ass. Vintage MX and CC wins on this bike in the last 2 years. Plus it's also seen some trail riding fun.
  8. jsmooz

    Powdercoating in MI

    Not sure as I'm always sending a frame plus other stuff. Send an email and ask. I will say my PCd hubs and rims have held up really well. No chips or flaking, not like paint or some of the 'from the factory' stuff.
  9. jsmooz

    Powdercoating in MI

    Curt at Custom Concepts in Detroit. You can mail your stuff to him. Between me and my friends we've done 5 or 6 bikes from him....frames, hubs, rims, bits n pieces. He does the little stuff on the side so it isn't always the fastest turn around, but I guarantee the best job around. He knows to tape off old drum hubs, plug threads, etc. If you need chrome he does it right, no pitting or flaking.
  10. The media blasting is the best way.....but I've had luck with chemical strippers on carbs. I picked up some spray can stripper that works on aluminum from AutoZone. You spray it on, let it sit then rinse off. I bet a stiff bristle brush would work great with that stuff. A power wash also works good to break off the paint, but not as good as the first two I mentioned. If you use the stripper be sure to wash the parts up really good afterward so the paint will stick.
  11. jsmooz

    Best Vintage 125 Choice?

    I've got a 78 RM125 and it's great. The 77s and 78s are pretty much the same except for the rear swing arm. The 78s were aluminum, but the geometry (handling) is the same. I do like the early monoshock YZs tho.
  12. Last summer I was riding with a group on the Atlanta system. We stopped for a break and 2 Sheriff's rode up on quads. All our bikes were plated and properly sticker'd, but they never actually inspected anything. I'm sure they glanced at the bikes but they never inspected anyone. They even offered us some fresh fruit. During our 15 min conversation they flagged down others and made sure they had ORV stickers then sent them on their way. Moral of the story start a conversation about the local riding laws and how you support and follow them to distract the officers.
  13. jsmooz

    IT175 Fork Seal

    crybyrnt - did you already take the fork cap off and removed the spring? If so put it back in and put the cap back on. Then use an impact to loosen the lower bolt. The compression spring puts a load on the piston so the whole inner cartridge doesn't spin. With the spring out and cap off you can also have someone pull the upper tube while you pull the lower leg and hit it with an impact. They do the same thing, but I prefer the one man with the compression spring method myself.
  14. jsmooz

    Purchasing an out of state bike?

    I purchased my CRF in Ohio. All I did, and you should have to do too, is take the title and transfer form (signed from previous owner) to the SoS and you should be good. Not sure about taxes. I didn't pay any on mine and the SoS didn't charge me. However, I have heard others getting charged. I think it depends on luck and how knowledgeable the staff is.
  15. jsmooz

    Ridin studed anyone?

    olzy - what trail system did you ride? I've been thinking of do another snow ride and was wondering the snow conditions on some of the trails. Jim