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  1. Darvo

    Typical Snowbike Setup, Etc

    I have not used one, nor has anyone that I ride with. Reviews are all over the board. Some love it, some say it doesn't help. I think if you're an aggressive rider the airpro will likely leave you wanting more.
  2. Darvo

    Typical Snowbike Setup, Etc

    Best way to set up track angle? I understand basically what nose high or nose low angles do, just not how to get where I need to be. - just go with the correct strut-rod lengh for your application. It will come set correctly with your fit kit, no need to modify it. How to set stock suspension on bike? Spring preloads, compression and rebound.... - The forks on the bike will need some work. On the cheap end you can do heavy duty springs, .64kg from cannon racecraft. OR go with the airpro device. The next step up will be a full snowbike valve/spring set-up from someone like RG3 or the TRIO from Timbersled. Doing something is critical! With an off-road bike like you have the forks will be halfway through the travel just riding down the road and will bottom on every bump. This also makes it feel like you're always going downhill which is not a good feeling, especially for a first timer. Should I realistically be worried about engine temp? (At least I don’t have to mess with jetting on this bike...) - YES! You probably have a thermostat already, but the thermobob works better and will maintain temps better since it does not have a weep hole like the stock one does. You will also want to consider something extra. I use a snowsheild from SXS. Also cut up some plastic that can slide in-front of your radiators for those deep powder days. Use a trail tech TTO temp sensor to monitor temps, this can be screwed directly into a thermobob. Should I be running anything special for oil (OMG an oil question!)? - No How often should I be changing that oil (OMG another oil question!!)? - Every 2 or 3 rides for me. Do anything to my stock air box and filter? The kit comes with a pre-filter... - A pod filter works best. If you want to try stock with the pre-filter just run the pre-filter, no foam. If you go this route you'll be digging snow out of the airbox throughout the day. Do I really need hand warmers? I know I know, subjective... - I went years without, but not have RAZE heated bars. They are amazing. Don't mess with Any suggestions for handling around the shop? Build a little dolly? I don’t want to spend $$$ for the fancy ones if possible. - A good wheel kit is money well spent. I built several of my own that just didn't hold up and did not work as well as the good ones. Would have saved a pile of money by buying a good one first. Any suggestions for getting up a standard ATV ramp into my pickup? Yes, I’m this ignorant... - I used expanded metal atv ramps. With a good wheel kit you can just ride it in, or walk next to it using the bikes power to load. It's simple. RAW kits sell for $2,999. That's not a blowout, that's just what they are. They work good in the powder, but ride pretty rough on the trail and in the bumps. The shocks are cheap and don't last long. It takes a bit to get set-up properly, but you're in for a good time once you do.
  3. Darvo

    120 vs 137 timbersled decision

    120 unless you're riding super deep powder all the time. Which kit are you looking at? The raw that you posted above is a pretty good deal for what it is, but it's a rough riding kit and if you jump and smash bumps the shocks will blow out quick!
  4. Darvo

    Timbersled Ski Carbides

  5. Darvo

    Snow bike vs Snowmobile

    There is absolutely nothing that a tracked quad can do that a snowbike won't do. The only problem is that the guy on the snowbike will get bored quick. Pretty much the same as riding dirt bikes with quads in the summer.
  6. Darvo

    Snow bike vs Snowmobile

    A bike can usually get up the same slope, unless it's a chute but they are no where close to a sled in straight up climbing ability.
  7. Darvo

    Snow bike vs Snowmobile

    Generally snowbikes and snowmobiles can do the same things and go the same places, but they don't really play that well together. If you have a snowbike and ride with sleds you'll get bored fast. They tend to stick to the more open spaces that really don't offer a challenge for a bike. Or they climb, which a bike kind of sucks at. Most sleds I see go to an area and pound it until there isn't a fresh patch of snow left anywhere in sight. This is boring on a bike! The fun of a bike comes when you're off trail on steep, heavily treed slopes. Plan out routes and loops that don't have roads anywhere near. Similar to riding single track, except you don't have to follow a trail, you make your own anywhere you want. On the trails, if it's tight and twisty a bike will (or can) leave a sled behind, if it's wide open and fast the bike won't keep up. On the bike you're limited to about 40mph. FE450 is an ok choice. A FC or FX would be better.
  8. Your local craigslist, or try this group if you're on FB. https://www.facebook.com/groups/618740664807888/
  9. Darvo

    Snowbikes I want this Awesomeness

    The older kits were a handful on groomed trails. They new ones handle great though. Still not the most fun since they don't have enough top end speed for most trails. But if you find something extra twisty, big rolling woops, or even single track they are a blast.
  10. Darvo

    Map 2 on 18-up 450?

    There is no "map 2" for the yzf. It's built into the app for other applications.
  11. Darvo

    What Is Your Backup Bike?

  12. Darvo

    2018 125sx vs 2017 150sx

    I would go with the YZ for sure. It's a steal at that price. I have a 17 TC 125 and a 18 yz450. The TC seems like it needs constant attention and adjustments. If the jetting is just a tiny bit off the bike runs terrible, and I still haven't found a good suspension setting. The yzf and all of my yz's in the past have been bikes that you just hop on and ride. Jetting rarely needs changed, suspension setting never changes (for me anyways). The yz's lack some of the flash and newness of the ktm/husky's, but they are great bikes that you can beat on daily and they just keep going and going.
  13. Darvo

    FX Clutch lever different from F

    Why not just get a perch for a F?
  14. Darvo

    YZ 450 DIET no thanks

    I have a 18 yz450 and a 17 TC125. The yz is heavy when moving it around, however it rides amazing. It's planted, stable, corners great, feels super nimble in the air, etc. There are some places they could easily trim weight - there are like 8 bolts in the rear fender! The TC125 on the other hand is crazy light, however some of the hardware is soooo cheesy that it drives me crazy.
  15. Darvo

    2017 TC 125 cutting out

    Thanks. I'll check that. Was he able to clean it up and re-use or did have have to replace?