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  1. I work a few blocks from there. It's definitely a high crime area! There are small pockets of good areas, but you don't have to go far to get into rough neighborhoods.
  2. I know of several with over 100 hours, a few with more than 200 hours and no motor issues. I had 138 on my 2008 RMZ when I sold it, it needed one valve adjustment, nothing else. Since 2008 I have only seen 2 failures in my group, both cracked pistons with no other damage, both by the same rider who is incredibly hard on his stuff. One was after a 30 minute pull where he never let off the throttle.
  3. They're generally a factory installed option due to all of the extra bracing that is required. I have a 7x18 with pop-out beds on both sides, love it.
  4. Just over 50 hours on mine. Love it. Can't believe these bikes didn't get better reviews, they're such an improvement over the 17 model.
  5. Mine idles down in neutral also.
  6. Mine will get a SXS when it's converted back to dirt. http://www.sxslideplate.com/product/yzf-450-2018-2/
  7. Why is that? On the YZ the difference in handling is huge, why would that not translate to the FX? I never really cared for the 14-17 models, but love the 18.
  8. Strange, mine always works right away.
  9. There is no map 2 on the YZ's. That app was built to serve multiple vehicles, some have an option for 2 maps, but the yz does not.
  10. So i just read something on this that I'm thinking applies to us and these bikes acting like they're dead every once and a while. Apparently you can overload a lithium battery and they will completely shut down for 30 seconds to reset. This makes sense, since when mine does this it's always in gear. Put it in neutral, wait 30 seconds or so and it fires up just fine.
  11. I love my coolant heated bars.
  12. I've seen two routed over the subframe... 100% dealer fault. It's easy to spot and easy to fix though.
  13. 32 hours of snowbiking on mine with no problems. I would think that the snowbike would expose any gearbox issues pretty fast, it sure did when the 16 KTM came out.
  14. I'll never go back to aluminum. Don't like the noise, and the last aluminum plate sure seemed to screw with the handeling of my bike (Devol plate on a 2011 Cr450f). I use sxs on everything these days. http://www.sxslideplate.com/full-plates/
  15. Another one with a little more pow!