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  1. Darvo

    2017 TC 125 cutting out

    Thanks. I'll check that. Was he able to clean it up and re-use or did have have to replace?
  2. Darvo

    2017 TC 125 cutting out

    So the vforce cage did not fix it for me. Now I'm thinking the powervalve is possibly sticking. Video shows just how bad it runs. Any other thoughts?
  3. Darvo

    Aluminum Wheel Cleaner on bike?

    I generally just use steel wool pads, maybe a toothbrush for really tight areas.
  4. Darvo

    Aluminum Wheel Cleaner on bike?

    Yeah, it's fine. Just critical that you don't let it dry. Start with a wet bike relatively clean bike, spray, scrub, rinse. Repeat. Will make your tires look new too.
  5. Darvo

    Aluminum Wheel Cleaner on bike?

    I still wouldn't use the aluminum wheel cleaner. Superclean will do what you need. This is mine after aluminum wheel cleaner on the frame, motor was soda blasted. It started out much worse than yours, but I did a total rebuild.
  6. Darvo

    Aluminum Wheel Cleaner on bike?

    I've used it before to clean both my motor and aluminum frame (never assembled), it works great but you have to be careful. If it dries or you don't get it all off it will look worse than it does now. Unless you plan to strip it to the frame I'd go with superclean. It does a pretty good job but is not as aggressive as aluminum wheel cleaner. With superclean, some scotchbrite pads and a pressure washer it should come out looking pretty good. You still have to be cautious, don't let the superclean dry on aluminum.
  7. Darvo

    2017 TC 125 cutting out

    I have a v-force reed cage showing up tomorrow. Hope that fixes it.
  8. I recently purchased a used 2017 TC 125. The bike has 47 hours on it, 10 hours on a new piston and clutch. It runs great everywhere, but right where it comes into the powerband. I'm not sure how to describe what it's doing, kind of cutting out or bogging. It runs great up to that point and after it. But it you keep the throttle right at that mid position it continues to get worse, add throttle and you're on the pipe and all is good. Replaced spark plug just to rule it out, plug is a light brown after a few laps. Initially I thought it was the 45 pilot jet that was stock on the 2017. Switched to a 35 to match the 2018 spec, didn't make a difference. It has a 480 main, stock needle and I've been all over the place with the clip position, doesn't seem to cure the problem. With the 45 pilot it would load up in the mid-range, now it seems to run much cleaner but is still cutting out. Powervalve seems to be functioning as it should and not sticking when revving it on the stand. The powervalve was adjusted to about 4 turns in from full out, changed it to 2 turns. This definitely made the power come on sooner and smoother, but it's still acting up. Finally I pulled the reeds out. There are some pretty big gaps - could this be the issue? I would have thought reeds would affect the bottom or the top, not the middle but maybe I'm wrong. When I pulled the reed out there was quite a bit of gas in there that came out with them. Pictures show the reeds sitting on a flashlight. The gaps are twice the thickness of the reed in places.
  9. Darvo

    the 06+ yz250 of MTB? Does it exist

    IMO the YZ250 of mountain bikes is a Specialized enduro 29er. Or even a stumpy 29er. Both are great do it all bikes.
  10. https://www.vitalmx.com/features/2019-Vital-MX-450-Shootout,6162 Good to see big blue on top. I love my 18, can't wait to get the 19.
  11. Darvo

    Next ride F or FX

    I always choose taking a mx bike to the woods over a woods bike to the track. A woods bike on the track is dangerous, a mx bike in the woods isn't ideal but it works pretty dang good. I actually prefer my 18 450 over my yz250 in the woods, load the slippery map and go have fun.
  12. Darvo

    18 450F how do you get it to corner

    Have not checked them yet. I used to be super anal about checking valves and what not, but it just seems like they never move on these newer bikes.
  13. Darvo

    18 450F how do you get it to corner

    Almost 70 hours on mine. Best bike I've ever owned.
  14. Darvo

    18 YZ450F kickstart addition

    It's completely stock and I love it. It's probably sat for 2 weeks without being started. Over the winter I would use a battery tender the night before a ride, this summer I've gotten lazy about that but it's been fine.
  15. Darvo

    18 YZ450F kickstart addition

    65 hours on mine, no issues. ­čĹŹ