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  1. cpsmith58

    How do you flush a tranny?

    I toasted my clutch in a nasty hare scramble. I have a new clutch and the bike is disassembled in my garage, waiting for me to put the new clutch in. My question is this: Should I just dump the old oil, put in the new clutch and new oil and let'er rip? Or should I make some attempt to flush any remaining offending material from the tranny? If so, what procedure and flushing solution should I use? Thanks
  2. It's my first oil change. I'm planning on using Spectro 10W40 regular old dinosaur oil. I know oil is like religion and politics, but I just need to know. I read the manual and did a search, but I have yet to find something that makes me 100% comfortable. Thanks
  3. cpsmith58

    exhaust mods.

    I just bought an 06 brand new. It was gutless compared to my 06YZ250F which isn't clogged up by the stupid snorkel and has an MX exhaust that's 99 db and also is jetted properly. So when tried to wheely the bike, it pulled about a foot in first and nothing in 2nd. I didn't use the clutch at all, that's how I test the power on a bike, just crank on the throttle. So I thought that was pretty pathetic when compared to the YZF, which will loop out in 2nd and do pretty good in 3rd. Then I cut the airbox, drilled out the end of the diffuser and rejetted it. 42 pilot clip to 4th position from the top (stock is 3rd) clip position changes are a pain, accessing the top of the carb sucks) 160 main Now it loops out in 2nd (this was last night at 9 pm, temp was 45 F). I had all the jets from previous bikes. From no power to full power, $0, nothing but my time. I did buy a fuel screw, which is a must. Also barkbusters and radiator guards to prevent damage/injury. Good luck
  4. cpsmith58

    Can't be true!

    I would probably never buy a used 4-stroke. A KTM 2 stroke is easy to maintain and makes plenty of power. A friend has a 2006 YZ250 and he loves it, but it scares the crap outa me. And I've owned 2 strokes. I do like 4-strokes and I'm hoping the 06 X I just bought brand new last Friday runs like a top. I got it for a good price new and it has that magic button, plusher suspension than my 06 YZ250F and handles a bit better. But the YZF was awesome out of the box (for moto, really) and I've been cutting airboxes, unplugging exhausts, installing a fuel screw, barkbusters and rad guards and rejetting the X nonsstop since last Friday. It better be good, that's all I gotta say. I still gotta put it back together and change the oil, my first C class race with it is this Sunday. But the YZF was SO rough in the woods. Of course, it depends on what you wanna do. Casual trail ridiing, a well maintained XR-250/400 would probably be great. Racing it, not so much. I might be able to handle a 250 2 stroke, but it would have to have a BIG flywheel weight on it.
  5. cpsmith58

    Can't be true!

    I think I made my point. I guess what I'm saying is we all know that 2 strokes are better in the maintenance/reliability areas and 4 strokes are better in the ease of riding areas. We're all adults and we know both sides of the equation and we made our choices. It's admittedly an emotional topic. We won't see eye to eye because each of us has evaluated all the factors and made a choice. While you are certainly correct in saying that there are sometimes issues, you're basically calling us all fools for making the choice we did. Ok, sure, you're just stating that you made the 2 stroke choice but it doesn't take a large leap to suppose that you're implying that your choice is better than ours. Basic human nature dictates that this is gonna rub 'us' wrong. What is the point of you doing that? It's just not nice and I don't care for people who are not nice. Hence the 'tard' term.
  6. cpsmith58

    Can't be true!

    So why are you in this forum annoying people who actually like their bikes? Get the h*ll out! You come in here and trash the bikes we love and expect us to be happy about it? How about I come over to your house and tell you your kids are fugly? You are truly a tard.
  7. cpsmith58

    Air filter - OEM or aftermarket?

    I'm pitching the stock one, it has Maxima in it from the dealership and I use No Toil, which must be used on a new filter. I ordered a new Twin Air, but I was wondering what others used. 1) OEM? Twin Air? Uni? Other? 2) What is procedure for removal? I'm coming from a YZ250F and it was cake. I have yet to figure out the correct way to remove it on the new X. I got it out, but it was a pain. 3) How do you make sure it's sealed?
  8. cpsmith58

    Can't be true!

    Ok, I'm reading all this and I just bought a brand new 06 250X on Friday. Still putting hours and parts on it and tweaking stuff. Barkbusters, radiator guards, a fuel screw are on order. First oil change very soon, racing it next weekend in a C class hare scramble, assuming parts come in. Also getting ready to drill out the diffuser and cut the airbox tonight. Rejetting maybe tonight too (42 pilot, 160ish main and clip in 4th position is the plan, fuel screw as needed, fingers tightly crossed). I'm very good at maintenance, did the a/f every ride and oil change every 6 hours on my 06 YZ250F, whose valves still haven't been adjusted after being checked 3 times. So how do I avoid valve problems? I WILL change the oil and service the filter regularly, but what is the process for making sure the a/f is seated? It sounds like checking it unseats it. Also, I use No Toil filter oil and cleaner and they did the stock filter with regular a/f oil, which I hate, so now I'm gonna replace it with a clean new filter. Which is better? OEM? Uni? Twin Air?
  9. I just bought a new 2006 CRF250-X. I want to eliminate the headlight. Will a number plate off of a 2006 CRF-250R fit on the 06 X? Also, can I keep the odometer with plate? If not, how do you plug the hole in the front wheel? Thanks
  10. cpsmith58

    Looking for a 250X

    You don't have to pay that tax if you don't title it. If you've got the manufacturer's certificate of origin locked up in your safe, what do you need a title for? Making it street legal? If I wanted a street legal bike, I'd get a DR 650. I've been to Niehaus, nice dealership. I won't buy in IL (I live in Normal) because I don't wanna pay all that tax. I believe in supporting the local dealer, but not to the tune of $350!
  11. cpsmith58

    Buy a used 2006 or wait for the 2007?

    I just bought an 06 LE new for 4935 OTD. I know all the shootouts say the bike doesn't turn, but compared to my 02 YZ250F, it freakin rails! I let some friends ride it (both are fast guys) and they have their bikes up for sale! You'll get a great deal on an 06 now. Rock River PowerSport (google them) in Wisconsin has some left over and they're letting them go cheap! Buy an 06. My 02, when I bought it, I had to do stuff to it to make it better. I'm just putting protective stuff (rad guards, bark busters, seal savers) and some bling on mine, it needs nothing!
  12. cpsmith58

    How Much Did You Pay For Your 06??

    06 YZ250F LE - $4935 OTD - 8-9-06 Rock River PowerSports - Jefferson WI. They have more and you can get an even better deal. The valve recall is done on mine, I LOVE THIS BIKE! They had an eBay ad expire with NO bids for 4795 + 40 documentation fee.
  13. cpsmith58

    Maintenence- How long, how often

    I change my oil every 6 hours, the air filter every ride (unless it really doesn't need it, most times it does) and adjust the valves when it gets hard to start.
  14. I like (for my muddy,sandy, loamy conditions here in Illinois) the Michelin S12. They stick great and wear like iron. A couple bucks more, well worth it. I used to run D752, which worked well but wore out quickly. D739 did NOT work for me in those conditions, I think it's more for hard pack and rock.
  15. I've looked around and there don't seem to be a lot of options for the LE. My bike cries out for some sweet fork graphics. Any ideas? I'd prefer not to go custom because of the cost, if possible. Thanks