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    Help a Noob out!!!

    Hello, All. This is a great thread! I am in pretty well the same place as Noob #1, except that I haven't been on a bike in years. I'm wondering why no one has suggested the Suzuki DR 650? I started looking for a dual sport about a month ago. For what its worth, I intend to put a sidecar on it. I started out looking at BMWs, but they're a bit pricey. It looks like the next best thing is either a Kawasaki KLR 650 or Suzuki DR 650. If I'm right so far, which of the 2 would you all recommend? The ride will be at least 50-50 road/boonies. We'd like to be able to ride it to rallies and dual sport tours. Girl friend and I both weigh over 200 lbs. each. My inseam is 34". Thanks much for any input, advice, suggestions, or opinions.