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  1. Twisted Throttle is proud to sponsor AdventureMotoGal on her upcoming Adventure for the CURE ride which will take her from Rhode Island down along the east coast, through Mexico, and down to the tip of South America. We're hosting a Halloween send-off party this weekend! Here's the details: Saturday, 10/31/09, 2-4pm Twisted Throttle World Headquarters 1080 Kingstown Rd. Peacedale, RI 02879 FREE food, drink, and candy for trick-or-treating bikers! $50.00 Gift Certificate for best Halloween-themed costume and/or bike! Special presentation by AdventureMotoGal herself! Click here for directions.
  2. twistedthrottle1

    Center stand advice needed

    Update - prototyping on the centerstand is finishing up this week. Hit a snag because the first DR650SE we tried to use for prototyping had been in a crash and had messed up mounting points (go figure, a DR650SE used roughly...) We had to find a second DR650SE in Germany to finish the prototype. Not easy, as they discontinued the bike there 7 years ago. Anyway, German factory says production is scheduled for immediately following the new year, and we should have U.S. stock around late winter '07. Sorry for the wait!
  3. twistedthrottle1

    Center stand advice needed

    Update on centerstand status from Twisted Throttle Ltd: SW-MOTECH has located a DR650SE in Germany for prototyping and will do the prototyping in early October. We should have stock around year end. In the meantime, we've got new SW-MOTECH skidplates, Givi/Hepco compatible sidecarriers, rear luggage rack, and handlebar risers here: http://twistedthrottle.com/trade/productlist/394/ Thanks a bunch, more updates soon. -Erik http://twistedthrottle.com
  4. twistedthrottle1

    Center stand advice needed

    We'll actually be using a total of 6 mounting points. 4 on the footpeg bolts, and two more beneath the frame.
  5. twistedthrottle1

    Center stand advice needed

    Here's the development update for the DR650SE: In June, our German prototyping facility bought a DR650SE to prototype a centerstand, skidplate, SW-MOTECH Quick-Lock sidecarrier and toprack (both for carrying hard luggage). As of August, we've finished prototypes for everything EXCEPT the centerstand. Apparently, the bike we found to do the prototyping had been in a crash and the centerstand mount points were messed up, so we can't use that bike to finalize the centerstand design. I have a couple of options for finalizing the centerstand design: (1) Get help from the DR650SE forum folks to find a German that's willing to bring his bike to SW-MOTECH in Rauschenberg, Germany (about 1 hour north of Frankfurt) for a day or two so we can finalize the prototypes there. This may be tricky, as the DR650SE was discontinued about 5 years ago in Europe; OR (2) Get help from the DR650SE forum folks to find an American that's willing to let us borrow his bike at our prototyping facility in Peace Dale, Rhode Island for a day or two to finalize the design. 4-6 weeks after we get a bike to do the final prototyping and test fitting, I'll have stock on about 100 centerstands. Any volunteers to help? The lucky volunteer gets a free centerstand. Also, for the other products (skidplate / side luggage carrier / top luggage carrier), I need to place initial bulk orders to the factory to have them produced. The luggage carriers will be detachable from the bike and can carry Givi or Hepco luggage. Any votes on which you'd like us to produce first (after the centerstand, that is)? http://twistedthrottle.com/trade/productview/2677/394/ Thanks for your support! Please contact Erik at http://TwistedThrottle.com if you can help us finalize this prototype and get 'er done! Thanks, -Erik
  6. twistedthrottle1

    Center stand advice needed

    Hi Guys, Gary is correct - we are in the final stages of pre-production for several DR650 products, including a centerstand, luggage system, skidplate, and a few other toys. Bar risers are already available. As far as a shortened centerstand goes, we'll have to see how well the regular height DR650 centerstand sells. If it does well and there's enough demand for a shortened version, we can do it later down the road. Thanks, -Erik http://www.twistedthrottle.com