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  1. Yes it has happened before. I don't mean to be a jerk, but I tried to point this out earlier but I seemed to have been poo pood on it. Most likely from cranking over and over giving it gas. The gas in the carb will pass and leave unburnt oil in the carb. I had it happen, cleaned the carb and put a new plug in and all has been fine.
  2. Hold on, PW 50, no clutch, no gears, hard to bump start these little guys. I had same issue, I had to pull the carb apart and clean it. May have had the gas evaporate and left oil in the carb, so it won't start. If you are getting spark, I would go with cleaning th carb.
  3. I am in the same boat, this is why I started this thread prior to the banning, truck, Toyhauler, 3 bikes, 1 quad, etc.......4 year old daughter just getting started. I can't believe this has happened, but it has.
  4. the extender is easy to take on and off. they also make an extender that opens up to be the ramp, 2 items in one.
  5. you were looking for a fixer upper, which you got, then you wright this to bag on prior owner. sounds like you got what you paid for.
  6. had a guy pick up my sold KTM 250 and manage to stick in the back of a little toyota van
  7. Very cool for you on NOT paying $150!!! I hear ya on the short thing. I have a lowering link on my WR and love it. I know you hear mixed reviews on the link but I think my bike turns better with it. I do not ride tracks so no suspension loss for me.
  8. Heck, I am freezing right now. It is only 75 degrees with blue skies. Probably a bad day to ride.............
  9. O ring in it may be bad. Take apart, see if it is bad. my assumption was he was speaking of the petcock
  10. Not your property, you should stay off, and to complain about getting kicked off of private property???? Come on, deal with it.
  11. I know how to start a 4 stroke:p , and MY DR 350 was still a pain in the ass to start, all the time.
  12. crap. if I was closer I would do it. Check some other upholstery shops. $150, I think you can buy a new seat for that.....Someone should do it a lot cheaper. I know our local motorcycle shop does it so call some local shops and ask them.
  13. $150, yikes. All you need to do is use a electric carving knife to get the size down, then you can use a sanding wheel on a hand held grinder to smooth it off. Just be very carefull and take a little at a time. I have done a couple myself, but am not close to you.
  14. I had one and it was my re entry back in to riding bike after many years. I loved it untill I started riding newer bikes and realized it had no suspension.