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  1. richk

    cap or waterpump

    im thinkng that also.i looked at the cap and it looks like there are 2 seals. im thinking that top seal is bad and not holding pressure.and thats why it pouring out of the over flow hose. tks
  2. richk

    water pump or cap?

    i pulled the vottom plate off and it was coming out of the over flow hose. just wondering of that seal on the cap is bad
  3. my radiator was dry . dont know why but when i filll it it keeps coming out of the overflow tube. could it be a bad cap?
  4. i just got a yzf 426 a few weeks ago. got it from a friend of a friend. Well anyways i took it out for a short spin today . Maybe 20 mins or so. starts great,runs great.But i opened the radiator cap and it was dry.I let it cool and re-filled it .Started it up and let it run for a few mins or so and its shooting out of the over flow hose. Any ideas?maybe cap? I hope not the pump. Rich
  5. richk

    want to get a 450X

    have one for sale. 60 miles on it . 2005. her ein chicago. looking for an atv . turne d50 and i think im going to get an atv with a cooler on the back and watch my son ride
  6. richk

    fork seals how much?

    dont have time to replace my seals. whats the cost at a dealer? live in chicago area northwest suburbs.. thakns rich
  7. richk

    Troubleshooting no Alternator output.

    same problem here. i was out with my son a few days backand after i started it up afew times it just went dead. Took forever to kick start it. i charged it everymonth in the winter and road it around the block. i have it in a heated garage also. I have not had time to check the wiring,,