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  1. smooty

    06-07 cylinder compatibility

    thank you much!
  2. Just wondering if an 07 cylinder would fit fine in place of the 06 on a yz450f. I tried the search but couldn't quite find what i am looking for.
  3. smooty

    Throttle screw yz85

    Hi, so my little brother got himself a new, to us(2002) yz85 and its having some issues running right and i've been trying to get the carb dialed in, and i just noticed that the previous owner put some kind of sealant/epoxy in the hole where the throttle screw(one that controls idle speed) should be. My question is, do i need to get a screw or can i just leave the stuff in there? How much is it going to effect tuning? any help would be very appreciated thanks!
  4. smooty

    Crack in Piston??

    I figured it would be something to do with the high hours. the bike isn't pushed that much, more of a weekend rider just wherever we decide to go riding.. i probably let it go a little long though, oh well i'm just happy that the whole motor didn't explode and it'll only cost me less than 200 so i guess i lucked out!
  5. smooty

    Crack in Piston??

    So here's my story.. My dad has an 03 450 and it has been since 2005 that i put a new pro-x piston inside of it, and it's probably got around 150 hours since then and last time we went riding it died and wouldn't get started again and so i did a leak down test and it was leakin air out the crankcase so i took it apart today and found that the piston had a hairline crack about the width of the piston about 80% across, the way that the pin is situated. My question is what causes this happen? I just have never seen it and am a little curious. thanks for the input!
  6. So i just bought a 2002 XR650R and i'm just trying to get it running right. ALt: 6000ft. temp:75. right now there is a 135 main, needle is on the top clip, 65 pilot, and the fuel screw is at 1 1/2 turns out. It has a white bros e-series muffler on it, also it is the california model, i don't know if that makes a diff... It pops on decel quite a bit, when the motor gets warm it still does it but i would say not as bad. when i got it it had a 68 pilot and then i put a 65 in it and the problem got better but it still doesn't run quite right. i took the carb apart and cleaned everything but nothing.. any suggestions? thanks!
  7. smooty

    float level

    So I searched to no avail and cant seem to find my manual.. Can someone tell me the float level specs for a 1986 CR250? thanks!
  8. smooty


    So I've been restoring this 1986 cr250 for the past little while and the footpegs on the thing are tiny. does anyone know if you can fit other years footpegs on the 86? or if there is an aftermarket company that makes them cuz that would be a lot better than what i got right now.. thanks in advance:thumbsup:
  9. smooty

    1986 Cr250

    hey can anyone tell me the oem gearing on a cr 250 1986? thanks
  10. smooty

    What to do?

    can you get cam chain sprockets without the cam? from what i've looked at it is one piece...
  11. smooty

    What to do?

    Ok so here's my story... bought used but in good condition 06 back in october, don't know how many hours on the bike cuz there was no meter. but wasn't beat at all.. anyway i've put about 25 hours on it since and only had to adjust valves once. took a trip out to the dunes last week and right before i adjusted the timing chain and did all that fun stuff. rode for an hour and everything was great. woke up in the morn and rode for about another hour and all the sudden i hear a chain slipping noise and a whack and she sputters to a stop. so i kick her over and no compression at all. i just tore into it tonight and the left exhaust valve and piston made friends with each other but i don't see any evidence of any others. my questions are: should i replace all the valves together or just throw a new ex. in it and call it good? can a piston whacking the valve cause damage to crank and rod? and what would have caused this? i plan on throwing in a new piston so ya. any suggestions would be appreciated! i just wanna go riding again as soon as possible:ride:
  12. smooty

    i wana see your suzuki

    06 rmz450 http://i492.photobucket.com/albums/rr281/smootzook/DSC01746.jpg
  13. smooty

    Let's see your RM-Z450!

    here's mine Hopefully it works(first time) http://i492.photobucket.com/albums/rr281/smootzook/DSC01746.jpg
  14. smooty

    Noise Park Endurance Race

    k will for sure, i'll have a white tacoma with a rmz 450. see ya there!
  15. smooty

    Noise Park Endurance Race

    hey lumpy j, do i need a special color for the # backgrounds on my bike for the race? or can i just have whatever?