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  1. Is anyone aware of a company that makes tank/shroud graphics for the 06 WR450? I have looked at the usual suspects One Industries, FX and N style with no luck.
  2. Sidewinder2, please see my post in the technical section of the website.
  3. Like many of you I have struggled with where to mount the hour meter on the WR. My bike is a 2006, this location may work on earlier models also. I mounted mine under the on/off switch using the existing switch mounting screws. This has allowed me to see the hours at a glance and also use the tach to adjust the idle speed. I first made a paper template to locate the mounting holes and cutouts for the switch and meter. I then transfered the outline to some .040" thick sheetmetal, drilled the clearance holes for the switch mounting and smaller diameter holes for the self tapping screws that came with the meter. I then formed a bend of approximately 80 deg (inside angle) and painted it black. The attached pictures show the bracket and finished mounting location.
  4. I tried several locations and ended up making an L shaped bracket from thin guage steel. I mounted it under the on/off switch using the two existing switch mounting screws. It is now visible through the cutout in the headlight/numberplate.